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MaxSez: What is the white line in the sky? It’s a fighter pilots nitemare!
What cloud form is it? At what altitudes will it appear?
What is it’s cause? What proper aviation term describes it? (All answers correct for a winner)

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They’re vapour trails/contrails
They’re made from condensation from the engine exhaust of an aircraft an can only be made at a certain altitude and temperature.

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@tranquil_skyflyer… Close, complete answers as noted required for a win.

@Erj145… MaxSez: I don’t do no stinkin social media. Your tag is not a link anyway. Compete answers required for a win.


Agree with this…

I presume fighters don’t want them as they give them away?

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May I use Mr. Google?

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It’s obviously the contrail of the Aurora.

contrails, formed by difference in pressure/temperature and consists of condensed water droplets from the combustion reaction in the engines and I think it usually starts forming around +30000ft?

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In the case that I use Mr. Google.
Usually above 8 000m at temperatures below -36°C.
They’re frozen condensation.

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MaxSez: Here are the correct responses.

  1. Cloud Form: “Aviaticus” Cloud (also found in nature, Cirrus subgroup)
  2. Altitude: btwn FL 250 & 400 (convergence level)
  3. Causes: temputure variant & friction: ice crystals & Sulfer particles emitted & vaporized by hot exhaust gasses & Friction due to wing vortex.
  4. Proper AV Term: “Contrail”. ( Condensation Trail). (Vapor trails are found in nature)

Good Try All. Definitive ansewers expected from the egg heads & Aviators amount us)

(Source: Wiki/various)

The white line is a contrails.
I think it’s a cirruss cloud and it forms at 30000 ft and above depending on the weather and temp outside of the aircraft. The contrails form due to the condensation of the exhaust of the engines along with the huge temperature difference. The extremely hot exhaust gases enter the nearby atmosphere, and in the right conditions the water vapor in the exhaust gates of the engine cool to form these cirrus (not sure how that’s spelled) clouds or contrails

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No, they’re chemtrails!!!

Lol I’m kidding.


Okay max, next time I respond to one of your threads I will make sure to remember you have ZERO sense of humor. Lol

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Wait the thing at the top was a joke… wow…

they are called contrails, they appear altitude 25,000ft from the exhaust from the engine freezing from how cold it is.

Yes mate. Lol. Among avgeeks it’s an ongoing joke. Go over to instagram and look up # teamchemtrails

Much like how some people claim the earth is flat(this could be another thread, for sure).

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@Erj145… MaxSez: I though “Stinkin” social media was funny! My stuff is to dry some times. chemtrails, got it! No slight intended. Regrets

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my apologies then mate

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