MaxFacts: “Watch the Skies!” Those darn UFO's

MaxSez: I believe in UFO but I din’t believe there extraterrestrial.
I my day the SR-71 was reported repeatedly as a UFO over SEA.
In fact it was the “Habo” mission out of Kadens AFB Flying PARPRO.
Hear’s another example of why this “Mythology ” continues to reverberate.


Indeed, these “UFO’s” are becoming a real mystery. We can see weird objects for a split second, until they engage their hyperdrive and fly off to the world of Star Wars… All jokes aside, with the technology so great nowadays, we might not even be able to see what’s on radar, before it’s too late. It’s almost scary if you ask me, as these “sights” are becoming more and more often… But who knows?


USAF is playing with his UFOs


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