MaxFacts: Warning; “Don't eat the Blue Ice”

MaxSez; The Topic sez it All!!! LOL


@IceBlue - Does this topic mean anything to you?!?

Quiet a interesting topic though


At least a summary of what happened would be cool. This is interesting having ice fall off a plane into someone’s house…

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If you read the article, it said the FAA is investigating whether or not it fell of an airplane. I would be shocked if that much ice could fall off an airplane and not bring the airplane down. It looked more like sheet ice that you get when roads ice over.

Well it’s not snowing in Southern California… and the ice had to have fallen from a good height to put a hole in a roof. It has been cold though so maybe an aircraft de-iced a couple thousand feet up and the air was so cold and moist that it never melted on the way down. So there’s a good chance it came from an airplane.

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That wouldn’t surprise me either. It has been really hot here for winter and other parts of the country are cold enough for de ice.

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@Balloonchaser. “Blue Ice”. Just a bit of aviation lore Chaser those that have been around aviation for a while or serviced airliners recognize the term. It’s assosiated with the “Honey Bucket Truck” GSA Ramp Truck that Service Aircraft Lavitories whith blue sanitizer. In this case the damaged home was on the LAX Approach flight path, the ice in all likelyhood was from a streaming leak from the Lav vent, Wing or a wheel well, It’s real Cold at FL250+, it’s winter there all the time. Watch for an FAA Incidant Report next Sunday in AvSafety Rpt.

(Next Time your at the airport watch for the ramper with a blue face, he’s a honey dipper blue juice overflow victim)

MaxSez, got ya’all LOL


Oh geez, I’m dead :)…

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I’ve always heard «don’t eat yellow snow»
This was new to me, but same category.
Will remember.


Well, considering we are getting a massive wildfire and extreme heat, this is probably from a plane


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