MaxFacts: (Video) Real World Tower Op's. (Military)

MaxSez: A day in the life! “Pushing Junk”!


This video makes me cringe… why do they have her mic’d for their chow runs and schedule talk… dude with the vis chart dang well know they have never picked that up before…

And she’s a loud unkeyer… I can’t stand that! Why you make so much noise taking your thumb off a button…


You should make a video, show us how the real Pro’s do it.


“They have like taco Tuesdays and maybe like salads on Wednesdays?” Loool.

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Very insightful… but let’s see…Maxfacts…Maxsez…kinda wonder what the Max number of Max clones are !!!

very interesting video. Thanks for sharing…N1DG sends…

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