MaxFacts: US Airlines/Airports Brace for IRMA

MaxSez: Disruption! A coach ticket on one line from KRSW ( Fort Myers, FL) to NYC is reportedly now being scalped & going for $1000 one way. The airport is inundated with seasonal geriatric Yankee’s fleeing North, LOL.


I find it evil of all of the airlines sucking money out of families just so they can be safe. It’s just ridiculous!

EDIT: I’ve seen JetBlue being nicer, only $99 buck tickets one way to NYC from Florida!

This storm is worrying me, as I have numerous relatives (including grandparents) living in southern FL. So many people have been evacuating, wether driving up north or flying!

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BREAKING: Orlando Airport will be ceasing operations at 5:00 PM Saturday.

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Miami airport is a total mess right now. Overcrowded with people trying to get on flights, long delays, etc…

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Amazing how this Hurricane will probably go through 2 of the biggest tourist areas in North America .This unlike Houston creates a big issue of getting people out. Thankfully unlike previous Hurricanes most residents are staying if not it would be even worse.

I also want to say to membes in Florida and other people in areas affected, i wish you good luck and really hope you guys stay safe.

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