MaxFacts: “Topic Bumping” The Usual Product of an “Idle Mind”!

MaxSez: “Topic Bumping” is usually the product of an ideal mind or the “Face Time Phobia”! Topic have a life span as notated by inscribed timelines. Most Topics serve there purpose during there lifetime as inscribed. Bumping to attach additional votes, to refresh a rejected opinion/notion or ya FEEL like it is Bad JuJu! Bump’d Topics usually wastes bod space and attract the usual suspects, the Serial Bloviators. They all have an opinion, want attention or Regular status so they jot for FaceTime, their so obvious and love the one liners just for the count.

Bottom line, A Bump requires substance, common sense, preparation and a well considered cause. Engage Brain, Logically formulate a rationale for the Bump then Bump, all preceding factor considered. One sentence Bump comments are NOT acceptable!



I will say, I am very guilty of bumping topics. Maybe you’re right. Each topic has its own lifespan, and when it’s done, it’s done. Thanks for the advice.

HappyPinguSends (?)

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TrioSez: Be original like Mr. Mustang!


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