MaxFacts: Tilt Rotor Competition; “Valor”/“Osprey”. Bell to field a Tilt Rotor to replace the BlackHawk.

MaxSez: Appears Bell is hoping the V-280 (Valor) will win the bid to meet the Army’s requirement for a mid-sized, next-generation rotorcraft with twice the speed and range of a conventional helicopter to replace The UH-60 Black Hawks in the 2020s or 2030s. After years of development and recent proven operational successes it appears the Tilt Rotor is here to stay;


The Osprey is an awesome aircraft! It would be great to see some other versions of it!


Why can’t the army just buy the already battle tested Osprey? Upgrade the avionics, engines and your good. They have a remarkable combat record and are praised by troops. It’s weird that they originally opted out of the Osprey.

@masonh2479… MaxSez: Suggest you note the Valor will replace the BlackHawk a utility craft. The Osprey is a Medium Lifter similar to a CH-46 Seanight. I conclude there will be trade offs. Both are Bell designs.


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