MaxFacts: There are Snakes on this IF Plane but Google is your friend'

MaxSez. I note a considerable number of Topic questions/responses dealing with basic material and technical aviation fact awhich are readily available thru a little effort and basic research. Google etc are user friendly. I suggest you trust but verify some of the responses you’ll find here. Opinion, Speculation and just Wrong Answers fill these pages daily. Again “Trust but Varify”


what does the title even mean

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@Keegan_Gidley … Ever been “snake bit” Nicole? It’s an urban term indicating you have been provided mis-information or lied to. The snakes on the IF Plane will bite you! We learn as we grow. Put my comment “in your pipe and smoke it”! LOL Gooday Max


I swear one of these days your titles is going to look like “Snakes ravage the health metal body for but a cent” 😂 some of us don’t know these fancy jargon. But I love hearing what it means.


It’s true. Just Google it!

Often a good tool to use in these cases ^^^ ;)

However maybe make the title a little more… descriptive?

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@Infinite.flight@Giacomo_Lawrance… MaxSez: My Titles are intentionally designed to grab you and make you think. As a former military writer I pars sentences, throw in some Jargon and want a reaction. I believe I’m writing for an audience of educated, Worldly and functionally literate folk on the most part.
I’m an extemporaneous writer, spell checks, correct grammar etc. slow me down. What you see is what you get. LOL


Oh I see I’m not an educational world literate guy (I’ve written a book) 😂
No worries max. You are incredible. And I do click on every one of your threads because of the fancy titles. So I guess you can say…mission accomplished


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