MaxFacts: The HUD/PFD:Video; The use of the Volocity (Flight) Vector & Bulls Eye. The Right Stuff! (Corrected)

MaxSez: The HUD/PFD is a modern Marvel. It reduces cockpit workload and put flight Data right in your face. Non more six packs and distracting multi instrument scans on final or when maneuvering. Speed, Altitude, Attitude etc right at eye level. One of the things often overlooked and ignored by some fledglings in a heavy junker is the HUD/PFD center display were the “Bulls Eye” and “Flight Vector” are located. This combination of symbols the Bulleye “Vor0”. and the Vectors “Winged Symbal” collocates with the Atrificial Horizon leads the way. They proved a steering and attitude prompt. Watch this video as this trash hauler does a short final. Pay close attention to how the PIC maintains alignment with the runway when in sight. Note the PICS corrective actions, he fly the Vector to the V, uses the vector to adjust his line up for a minor cross wind with a Crab then with the Vector/Bulls eye nails it. I suggest you use all the tool available in the cockpit, reduce your work load & fly like a Pro. Practice make perfect FLY THE “BALL”


I’m current trying to only use the HUD when I need it in the 787’s, doing good so far, the easiest one for me to fly completely without the HUD id the 767. Everyone should try that at one point! It’s super fun!


MaxSez: @BoeingHeights The eye ball is not calibrated! It’s fine to fly by the seat of your pants alone. In a non-HUD equipped GA. In IF must of you are flying big sky busses filled with mortals, technology trump the flawed eyeball. Fly like a Pro.


MaxSez: Want an IF demonstration. Fly a crosswind ILS Approach utilizing the Auto-Land feature, watch the Vector/V merge. The crosswind system compensation is IF programing genius!


Sounds incredible…if i had the mind to understand that! Boy you are amazing.

Only the 787 has a hud in commercial aviation, however other aircraft do that the velocity vector on the instruments, however not like IF displays. I often switch off the hud to make it more realistic, I only leave the hud on in the 787 like the first comment said.

The 777 doesn’t have a hud IRL:


So its more realistic to fly without it in IF. Just like the A320, 737, etc.

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@Giacomo_Lawrance. MaxSez: OK GMan. Your right on the HUD and the 787. To be technically correct I should have used the terms Heads Up Display (HUD)/ Primary Flight Director (PFD) for accuracy. I stand corrected.

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Airbus really started the trend for the flip down HUD. Quite the invention!

Boeing followed on that one.


Some have one. It’s just an option. Same for most Airbuses.


Happy Community Anniversary!

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