MaxFacts. “The Future? & Electric Powered Aircraft”

MaxSez: Having observed aircraft development for 60+ years I’m not surprised at this inevitable
development that’s up’ed the ante. Appears the first world is on a quest to rid the airways of carbon emissions. The Caravan shown here it’s just an example of a little step towards the goal.

Battery power is the key to sustained electrical powered flight for now, but the Cessna’s shown has a 1 ton lithium battery🔥 & only a 100 mile range that gives me pause.

I Remember the Air Farse experiment in the early 70s with a nuclear powered plane that never came to fruition.

Ask yourself, which way is up? Is an Electric Powered Sky Car in the garage in your future?
Your thoughts on this please, by comment.



Interesting… A good step forward in aviation now that we know climate change is no joke :^)


@DeltaCs100…MaxSez; Now that’s a “3 Wire Trap” kinda answer!
Careful beside snakes on this plane (The Forum) there are also young rabid environmentalist who believe the earth is flat… standby for heavy rolls! LOL

Semper Fi, MaxSends


I’ve seen a video where they explained that the prop can be stopped and started at will without causing any problems, you can basically turn off the fan while holding or just when you don’t need it. Crazy bird


It’s something that needs to happen, the data is irrefutable that what we’re doing will continue to have an ever larger impact on the world we live on, battery powered planes will be a ways off though. Batteries are good enough for our cars and mobile devices, but they don’t have anywhere close to the energy density of jet fuel. Gasoline has something like 50 MJ/KG, lithium ion is an order of magnitude lower. Though there is great demand for new battery technology’s, and there is a lot of promising technology on the horizon. The other obstacle is how we generate the electricity, a lot of people forget that burning coal then plugging a plane into that isn’t actually that much cleaner, if at all. Though we have a solution to that problem, it’s just a matter of how fast people are willing to accept it. It’s many layers of complex problems, but I’m glad there’s smart people working hard on it.

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Don’t forget that Harbour Air (based in Vancouver, BC) converted a gas guzzling, half a century old DHC-2 Beaver into a fully electric sea plane. Talk about teaching an old dog new tricks. The entire process from design to first flight took less than nine months.






the audio of the video hurts my ears

It’s not as bad IRL, trust me! I work cleaning the aircraft and got lucky enough to be there when it departed. It actually sounds clean in person.

Edit: Just realised you’re talking about the linked video, not the Harbour Air one, whoops!
Though, fun fact, both motors were designed by the same company, MagniX


MaxSez: It’s obvious from the free thinkers here that they are beguiled by the pseudoscience crowd into believing the earth is flat and there’s a big hole in the Ozone leaking oxygen and leaving carbon monoxide behind. I say show me the evidence, last year they predicted the polar ice cap would melt and the coastal Metropoli’s would be deluged and uninhabitable. I listened and believe stories like this when atomic energy was in vogue in the late 50’s. The big push then was for nuclear energy Power Plants that blew up. So we still have call coal fired power plants 50 yrs later.
Pie in the sky! Show me the beef (un -refuted evidence)!

As for Battery Powered Planes with w/ 1 Ton Lithium Batteries and a 100 mile range good Luck, Recent history is replete with lithium in any form being unstable. Ask any Pilot or passenger about that cigarette lighter that blew up in the bathroom or the cargo hold fire, the accidents/lost lives, the expensive car destroyed by a battery explosion while speeding down the highway.

Next thing is the discovery of a Perpetual Motion Machine and Kryptonite from Planet X…

Go hug a Tree supporters here!
, MaxSends


I don’t want to start an argument, but most of what you said is wrong, and there is evidence, it’s your choice if you want to believe it. It’s not an ozone hole letting out O2, it’s actually what that O3 hole was letting in, it was letting in increased levels of UV light which was helping heat up the planet. Right now it’s the CO2 which is a byproduct of combustion (O2+C8H18 (gasoline) =CO2+H2O) is adding to the atmosphere in ways we have never seen before. We’re emitting so much it’s indisputable it’s having an impact. So far temperatures have risen 1.1 C globally on average in the last 100 years or so. That sort of temperature rate is virtually unprecedented in earths history, so the really dangerous part is we have only a broad picture of what may happen, no one really knows for certain because the climate is an area of science we’re still trying to understand fully. What I will say though is that all the stuff we can predict is bleak. Anyone who gets hurricanes for example should care a lot. A water temperature increase of just 1 degree F across the track of a hurricane can increase its wind speed as much as 20 mph, and that philosophy of more heat=more intensity applies to any strong weather not just hurricanes.

I for one am very glad there’s people working to solve this problem, and yes, lithium ion is an imperfect solution for planes, but no one has ever started with the perfect solution first, and first steps are where projects are proven. Electric has many downsides right now, but it’s a technology we need, and the faster we overcome those the better. The data is out there, it’s just a question of if you want to hear it, if we keep burning coal and jet A at this rate then don’t complain when people get killed by record breaking storms, and the dozens of consequences we haven’t figured out yet…


Climate Change is a big scam to get people with major political influence rich!
You can’t fake science

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Elon Musk might have to take some notes and start ‘Spacela’, or ‘TesX’, or some median between his road and space transport company.


I live in Vancouver, seeing that thing fly is awesome

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For the love of god, I do not want to enter into a debate about this… but essentially what you just said contradicts the point you were trying to make. You can’t fake science, you’re right. What all credible science is pointing to is what @KPIT says.

Anyhow, I know that this post is really pushing the forums guideline of politics and that, so I’ll leave it here. The forums really aren’t the place to talk about this, I’m just adding my two cents on a topic I feel strongly about.


Hey, I can totally understand your point of view. I’m no scientist and I don’t know all the fancy terms and names, so instead I’ll link you to a post on about this. Hopefully you might be able to find some facts or evidence or “beef” you speak of. If you have any doubts, feel free to check the sources they got their information from as they make it publicly available :)

Have a good day, evening, night


How do the ice ages start and end?
The polar ice caps we have today aren’t the originals. They will melt like the ones before them and the cycle will repeat. Like it did before we could accurately monitor the earth’s temperature


Electric aircraft are inevitable. But the issue is people see environmental effects only in terms of carbon emissions. Check, you’re trying to build a battery but you need the electrolytes and all the electrodes and the other stuff, how will you harness them? When the battery’s cycles are up, how would you dispose of it without harming the environment? Keep in mind, the electrolyte used in the batteries will be harmful if exposed to the environment.

Batteries themselves will always become more and more reliable as time goes, just like the jet engine where A350s and 777s have replaced quads like the A380/747.

Carbon emissions will be reduced, but unless the disposal of e-waste is controlled, we’re jumping from one problem to another.


Honestly I think it’s stupid trying to get electric planes. They’ll be half as powerful and really not worth it. We’ll be back to the ages of stopovers and stopovers. I agreed we need to do something but with airplanes, the only thing powerful enough to power a massive airplane is a proper engine. Now if we could get an electric engine that is as powerful as the engines of today then ye use that but I can’t see that happening :(

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I’m sorry but climate change is real the evidence is their. I’m totally against the extremists tho like thunberg. But my opinion s it’s only happening as we’re evolving building bigger stuff meaning more emissions.


And happy cake day max!