MaxFacts: The FDS Global Nite Sky, “A Modern Marvel…”

MaxSez: I complained bitterly and continually about the lousy nite sky rendering offered in the pre-Global platform. Looking at my Log Book less than 15% of my multiple hours where for nite sorties. I just did’t enjoys flying in a black void looking for a dim beacon that appeared as a pin point at 10 miles. With Global I now find nite flight a whole new dimension, a pleasure and re-learning experience. 25% of my currant Global sorties are nite flights WW. I enjoy everyone as I hone my lost Celestial Nav Skills and refine my scan picking up those newly brightened Aerodrome Beacons calling my name.

Other than the FDS To-Do-List; Brighter Landing Lights, Taxi/Logo lights, Lack of Blue Taxiway/Signage Lighting and Flashing Runway Alignment Systems (+ATIS LoL), which will come later than sooner, I have to say, IF nite sorties on this new platform make my day and in my opinion Nite flights should be added to every Grade 3+ members training regime.

In my view Global’s Night Sky rendering is extremely accurate, it Appears FDS or someone used the National Ephemeris & Nautical Almanac to plot the skies; their are thousands of observable heavenly bodies to include the Sun and the Moon with accuracy. Polaris, the Southern Cross and the major constellations are clearly visible and oriented correctly, Sun/Moon phases their Rise/Set are timely and displayed correctly in their hemispheres etc. If your a Grade 5, in that down time when the machine drives the train, on those long trans-oceanic Trash Hauling legs, I suggest you venture into the realm of Celestial Nav or consider honing your Dead Reckoning Skills and fly by the seat of your pants ie; yr Eyeballs, a WAC, Watch and a Compass are key. You never stop learning. Watch the Sky’s!

To Prove the Point: Here’s a personal Celestial Observations by RW v IF Sky view, Photo Comparatives Analysis. Photo 1). RW Full Moon rising, view SE Ft. Myers, Fl at 1907 local 3Nov17, vicinity of KRSW. Photo 2). IF SE view, My Van parked cold and dark on the Apron at KRSW,same date, same Moon at 1910 local.

Footnote: (Bet you a rare Combat Peanut pic if you can upstage the below heavenly graphic’s. yr photo to comment if yr game)



NEXT TIME: Trip Report; Bimini, Bahamas’ to Ft. Myers, FL. VFR “Eye Ball Nav.”, Nite Dead Reckoning Tips.(GA Aviators Note.)


Surprisingly interesting to hear that orientation of even constellations are accurate.

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I’m pretty disappointed that you didn’t provide a shot of your golf cart in the top image. Be nice to see how Max cruises the green concourses of Golfers Haven ;)


@Levet. MaxSez: EZGO 711, Ibis 7 Fairway, Par 4 @ Pelican Preserve. Regards Chief


MaxSez: Bumped, for the folk In the Southern Hemisphere, particularly for those XXXX Gold, VB, Carlton Draught, Tooheys New, Tooheys Extra Dry, Carlton Mid, Carlton Dry, & Pure Blonde (My Favorite) Beer Swilling Mates Down Under… Cheers Mates

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Orientation and brightness of each individual star is correct.

Sometimes we may take longer to implement what our community sees as a necessity but this is a great testament to our belief that we will only add something when it can be done properly and provide the right feel for you, the customer!

It’s quite a new experience and I never change the time of day anymore. 🌓


This was my favorite thing to watch come to life in the testing of global. It’s surprisingly realistic now.

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Daggone max, just played several rounds down in Bonita a few months back. Hit one or two up around Ft Myers. You weren’t the old guy yelling at me to stop driving on the green we’re you 😬?


night not nite 😂😂😂. @Maxmustang

@7405896A. MaxSez: Smarter than a 5 grader are you! M/W Dictionary;
“Definition of nite—used as a simplified spelling of night. First Known Use: 1905”. No apology necessssary, I’ve considered the source! Remember “Google is your friend, not so smarty pants… Next. 😈😈😈


@Joe, Twas not I… I’d have thrown my Big Bertha at you! Lo…

Haha. I’d never drive on th green, unless we’re doing shotgun drives or beer a hole 😃

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It certainly is a wonderful experience. It not only does increase the love for the game but also makes the gamers feel it is a virtual world fully alive realistically. Couldn’t thank the developers more.


Me too! That’s the interesting part of realistic global flight, isn’t it?

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