MaxFacts: “The Decision Point” Your the Judge & are Personally Responsible!

MaxFacts: Your “Decision Point”! Haulers & GA…

MaxSez: Whether your a Pilot or Controller your going to reach a “Decision Point” (DP) often on IF. In this Topic we are not considering the Do I or Should I’s on Departure but Approach!

The issue here is the “DP/DH” on the Chart/Plate or in your mind which is where you must decide to “Go Around” on Approach.

(We’ll address the DP/H to Abort on TakeOff Roll in a future Topic)

Some of you use the DP/DH (DH=Decision Height”) on the Approach Chart which is a given if you utilize Flight Info Publications (FLIP’s) to navigate, a good thing. Other depend on their eyeballs and good Airmanship. Either/Or, the DP is just that. It’s the “”Go, No Go” point for a Decision to Recover or TOGA, Buster!

Pilots, If your not Stable, Lined Up, on Speed/Flaps set for conditions/Wheels Down at DP/H, its Stupid to push the envelope and “Try to clean up your Act”, You’ll prang it. **If you Eyeball Nav, don’t use Charts , 010AGL is yr recommended DP/H!

Controller, Call them the way you see them!

(However, Issuing a Ghost on a Grade 3 Pilot who flys a uncoordinated,destructive Approach, which will delay the Conga Line, Incursion ect, is not a Learning experience in my military mind, You witnessed their boggled approach, Issue, Go Around”! Its a better Learning Experience. Corporal Punishment is “Bad Juju🔥(Arrow)! (🔥 If you over-React! “On Duty, Your not an Educator! “You provide a Service!”

Beep Beep, That’s all Folks…


(AIM: Definition. The Decision Altitude (DA/DO/DH ‘or Decision Height (DH) is a specified altitude or height in the Precision Approach or approach with vertical guidance at which a Missed Approach must be initiated if the required visual reference to continue the approach has not been established.)


Bumped for those under the Southern Cross & Night Owl’s…!👿


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