MaxFacts: TempFltRestrictions (TFR) “London” (Ceiling 100AGL is BS!)

MaxSez: NOTAM’s & Flight Restrictions, we all know the Drill. But up jumped the 👿!

“I rarely fly Heathrow & London City (on the EXP)I avoid it like the black plague! I referred to it as “Wait-Row”! In passing yesterday in a Cub I noted for the first time those “Dreaded Red Circles” indicating Temp Flt Restrictions (TFR) imposed at both airports

TFR are rarely an imposition, just tap the ICAO and comply with the instruction and do your thing. But up jumped the 👿 on these two TFR’s. The Controlled Air Space at both fields cited where elevated to 10,000 feet AGL vice the 5000 feet AGL as established by IFATC/FDS Guidance/Reg, OhMy, Bad Juju!

Considering IF does not use VFR Corridors! Transiting Light Aircraft thru Waitroe and London City now are requires to deviate from their Flight Plan, and ; take a long detour, burning fuel, extending transit time and install or use onboard O2/ pressurization for old folk like me for no reasonable or explainable purpose because of this Ghost-able wrongheaded procedurel

Who is that Masked Man who developed these ridiculous altitudes in these TFR’s in context. I’d recommend a Ghost or a long stand in a Corner for the Perp!

FDS please correct the ceilings in both TFR’s to comport with the 5000’AGL norm. Thanks.
G’day, MadMax

(Screen Shoots infected airport)
Just Sayin, Max

(“BS”= “Bitter Stuff”! No pejorative Intended)


That would be @MishaCamp. We could get him reported, but then he likely would just remove it from his account. Maybe we should egg his house and give him a haircut!


The floor and ceiling are there partly due to the structuring template of how the TFRs are made. As for the TFRs themselves, those two specific zones refer to the restrictions placed on those airports, not the airspaces. You’re more than welcome to transition through Gatwick or London City without fear of being ghosted rather than flying around them.


@JoshFly8. MaxSez: Don’t agree with airspace interpretation. Why would I go to the trouble of requesting a transition. If these port are manned it’s a trying procedure. Just try to get Radars to Freq switch to Tower who is the only one authorized to grant a Transition on IF. The Radar menu dose not comport to this Requirement. 050AGL Transition for any IF aircraft without a Comm Link is a no brainer.
Regards, Msx

Someone already violated the TFR on ES

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@HiFlyer. MaxSez: I Second the Second motion! Humor on IF is a rare Occurrence. Have a BZ, Well Said, 😂

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@David_Beckett… MazSez: Exterminate and Moderate are synonymous on IF, LOL. Have a nice day.
Warmest Regards Old Friend, Max

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I did wonder… impossible to approve Biggin Hill properly if adhering to the TFR as is presented.

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Bruh Wait wick. I go in and out of Gatwick all the time. I never get any long waiting times.

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No wait when theres only 5 flights per day right now I guess…

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gasp I heard that!

You can transition over the TFR as you please. You’ll be quick and be above the ceiling as you please.

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@JayIOM … Negative “ Biggin Hill” Plate, Great catch. Just reinforces the need to correct the TFR.
Regards Pilot, MaxSends

@Tsumia. MaxSez: Promises, promises! I uses to use London City all the time in my GA, with the 10 grand TFR like “Waitwick” I’ll avoid it like the Black Plague too.
On the other hand if you are running radar I’ll give it a no call Transition shot. I’ll use your post as evidence as Pre approved at “Our” Shelton hearing.

I understand the concern mentioned, but those TFRs are not referring to overflights as @JoshFly8 mentioned as well. Just an (mandatory) information for the airports, not affecting GA planes who don’t want to land on the ‘wrong’ runway in Gatwick in my opinion.

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