MaxFacts: SST FAGEDBOUTIT! Space the next Airline Frontier

MaxSez: Concorde’ or its successor, air breathers bound for Air & Space Museums. Space the new Frontier. Pilotless Planes/Drones the future of commercial aviation.


I don’t know if I would fly into space it just sounds terrifying.😨


Imagine if space was added to IF. Imagine it on TS1…

Hell yeah! The views out the window are gonna be breathtakingly beautiful.


Hahaha I imagine TS1 pilots flying to the moon in the C208. ETE to dest: 100000000000.00


Do you think unmanned airliners will appear in future?


Not for a very long time. Many of us still have the mentality of “there must be a pilot in the cockpit at all times,” and it’s understandable. Sure, AI technology is probably capable of full autonomy in an aircraft, but is it reliable? How will it preform in uneasy conditions? It needs to be tested a lot more. Auto land is a great start, but in my opinion, until our generations are gone the thought of “there has to be a pilot” is here to stay.

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We have got a long way to go until we get to space, I think Supersonic aircraft that can fly over land should come before that

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