MaxFacts: So ya wanna be a Commercial Pilot, NOT, Read This!

MaxSez: I read this Atlantic Travel Editorial this morn. Although humorous in part it provides some insight on the world of commercial air travel as it exists today and into tomorrow’s.
The Authors observation are food for thought if your goal is a path to a left seat in your future. Read it and weep!



Be a cargo pilot then 😂


or a GA pilot
its fun being a GA pilot

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Nice article @Maxmustang, thanks for the share :)


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The Navy has jets too. Just faster ones.


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My thoughts: I’m saying they will bounce back just like they did in 9/11
And plus, there are people who don’t take seriously the pandemic that is going on, so they wouldn’t be the ones complicating the airline process.

I’m still aiming for the left seat of an airline’s plane. If this actually happens (which I kind of doubt), then it would be nothing more than an obstacle in every career’s journey


I think the airlines will bounce back, we will be back to normal in I say a year maybe less.


I would sum what disagree with the 1 year thing. I think for the next year we’ll be largely in the same position we are now, but they will be back pretty quickly after everything is normal again.


In my opinion, a year is way too early of an estimate. A bunch of people will be scared of travelling for a while yet. I’m hoping that it bounces back to pre-Covid levels in 2-3 years, although I feel like it’ll take 3-4.


I would much rather fly Falcon 20s in training dogfights with Eurofighters anyway!

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ill just travel the world

I disagree, reason being we look at China and how they’re passenger industry has recovered extremely quickly once their restrictions were lifted. We currently are seeing full flights still from the East to West Coast. Alaska also is seeing full flights.


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@RotorGuy. MaxSez: Pie in the sky big guy… China is not a beacon of hope for commercial aviation. Their a nascent Aviation industry nation. Boeing and the Bus will recover. They’ll lead the major pack world wide. Stolen technology has proven a weak link even Russian Sale tell the tail.

I predict this virus will not be stopped until a vaccine unlike the Flu vaccine which must be reinvented annually is in full scale production by the West. Bet ya…


I honestly think the Commercial Aviation business will come back stronger than ever. In the mean time I’m gonna keep training for my PPL :)


What happens in October with the big 3 will decide the length. If no furloughs happen I say 2 yrs to back to how it was prior to covid19. Also, assuming there is no second wave come winter (aka flu season)

If furloughs happen it will be a looooooonnnggg time. Just look at 9/11 as example. After the furloughs were hired back that in itself took 3 years before they hired others off the street.

Buckle your seatbelt is all I have to say and like I have always said on here multiple times… Have a back up degree.

But I will say… Aviation will only go up from here on out. The question is how long will it take.


I hope you are right. I want nothing more.

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MaxSez: @Erj145… “Best advice noted in years”!
Life is Not a Beach! “Be Prepared”!

G’day Max


Best advice my father ever gave me
Have a degree that gets you a job that’s recession proof


Does Art Appericate in underwater basket making help 😂

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