MaxFacts: Ryan Air & Anti-BREXIT Grounding !

MaxSez: Appears Ryan’s O’Leary is playing the Odd’s. What would you do if an American Major Airline played Politico? (Delta’s NRA Decision comes to mind!)


I agree to the statement of Chris Grayling, who said that an open market for aviation should be maintained, however I still cannot believe that Britain vote for the BREXIT…

I saw that aswell. It’s a load of crap to be honest. He says it’s befause the British people were lied to, but really it’s because it means slightly less cash for him. And let’s be honest he is so stingy as a CEO that he doesn’t even take aircraft out of service often for training as exposed on BBC’s watchdog so I highly doubt he will ground their aircraft 😂

@ChrisS That’s up to the EU, they want to give us a bad deal but in real terms it will harm them just as much hence they are trying to poach financing jobs from London and demanding billions. The reasons why aren’t necessary now but more so how to leave and not be worse off.


As a common sense BRITON I think that Brexit was a stupid idea. But grounding planes is too excessive

I mean EGSS will go out of business!

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Ahhh classic ryan air what is wrong with this guy no wonder this company is the most hated


Methinks you might have a slightly slanted view on this.

There was an accord in place. You guys left. But then you’re like “oh, but, no, we wanna keep all the good stuff” and you’re confused how that might not work out perfectly for you.


No I understand but they can limit the fallout. If they want it cut off all trade and everything then that’s up to them but Verofstadht or whatever his name is has made these sorts of comments a few times. I’m just stating a fact that they will be no better off either. And if Germany feels like damaging its industries then they can enjoy doing it. I know VW, BMW are all expressing their concerns given how many cars are purchased from German automakers aswell. And to be honest no one really knows what will happen until it’s all said and done. Not even Mark Carney predicted right.

MaxSez: I Supported Brexit! It was the will of the people! However, if resended so be it. I’d would prefer the EU to prosper, even form an EU Armed Force so we could pull out entirely. I’m tired of my taxes and Forces carrying the weight. Let them eat cake…


I don’t see why they should. Your government signed a deal upon joining/creation of the EU, now you’re trying to sneak out and not take the responsibility.

Anyway, regarding the topic…
Effects like this aren’t that unexpected. The UK will suffer a lot in terms of trade deals, travel and other perks that EU has. I’m not a big fan of EU, not at all… But now when most of us europeans are a part of, it’s better to deal with it and try to change it from within instead.

Of course they don’t but the point stands. The EU will suffer also. We can trade with other countries as well. It’s working fine for many of them. They put tariffs on then we will but it won’t help anyone.

In what way will EU suffer? I’m not following that at all tbh.

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They will lose out on a trading partner. Just think about VW group and BMW. Also you don’t realise that a lot of European companies have invested interests in this country? Harming us harms them also.
There is a lot more to find out regarding the automakers.

You do realize those effects have a way bigger impact on you than it does on EU in total? It’s like you are assuming all BMW’s and VW’s goes to UK… (can’t read the article, requires sub)

Oh the irony! It was the US that wanted to keep a limited nuclear battlefield in central Europe at the height of the cold war so as to play out WW3 in a limited environment well away from the homeland. So please spare us Europeans the platitudes of believing that the Good 'Ole US of A was there for our peace and well being.

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Well realise that the U.K. spend something to the sum of 24 billion. BMW have multiple plants in the U.K. as do VW group for Bentley, Mini and Rolls Royce and no they aren’t moving production over to Germany. It affects those large automakers massively. The person in charge of the unions for automakers is deeply concerned about it so it’s a real issue even if you fail to see the negatives.

I don’t have any more to say on this matter anyway as it’s just the same thing over and over again.

@schyllberg you are right it’s not meant to be but I believe people left for other reasons. Of course the free trade agreement was one of the only good things going for it

And those effects are the caused by… wait for it…
Brexit. Oh, big surprise there :)

Anyway, yeah… this wasn’t supposed to be a political discussion :)

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It’s a shame in my opinion. The EU is flawed but in order to fix the flaws you need to be a member.

Spouting off about things that may or may not be doesn’t help anyone however.

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Just to add, this is pocket money in comparison to a lot of things regarding this :) That’s why i don’t see it as a big loss for EU.

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@Yuan_Tugo… MaxSez: True, true, smart move during the cold war years. Time and the world moves own. I’ve waited a long time for the political climate to change. It has, the barbarians have breached your borderless conglomeration of old enmities, our world is on the fringe for now. Time and “America First” has changed the world stage it appears survival of the fittest is the name of today’s gamemanship.

(Posted this Topic knowing it would go off theme and viral. This item and the recurring airline wars ect turn hotly nationalist naturally and should never been permitted to get legs. There fish bait and all the guppie spawn. Ya gotta love it.)


Yeah of course but it will affect certain industries massively. And in turn the economies of those said countries.

That’s why I believe it’s a no one wins from this situation if we get a bad or even a good deal.

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