MaxFacts: Rolling Fog Effect Noted!

MaxSez: Been griping about clear cloud free flying Wx for ever.
Well I’m here to tell, Out of Warm Beer/ Hedgerow, I got socked in at Riga (EGLL) on the Baltic by a rolling fog as I turn off active 36. Unfortunately the video failed to capture this phenomena. Note I missed the Taxiway exit in a rolling fog which enveloped me in seconds. Visibility was less than a Dash wingspan. ( Pejorative) Hot! FDS, Send in the Thunder Heads OUT.
G’day, Max


Hey there! Nice pics! This may be better off in #screenshots-and-videos though?


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@Maxmustang unfortunately this isn’t a phenomena. This is the broken fog system in IF. Low visibility won’t load in until you’re on the ground.

Hopefully, this gets fixed soon.


Nice pics, but next time…

Stay on the TARMAC😂


This is the Swiss001 Police. We kindly ask you to change the word TARMAC to something else

I’m just joking


@Infinite_Qantas. MaxSez… Told ya missed the turn off the active in the narrative, The Fog rolled over me, 0 vis, closed down on the turn. No D## Taxiway Exit or Markers. Remember Mate this is IF so go walk about sniper…
MadMax Sends


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