MaxFacts; Recommend Final (Revised and updated): Washington, DC “River Visual” KDCA

Know the commutes well, liv’d behind Andrews and in Reston, made the commute daily, Arlington Hall (HQMC), Pentagon, Langley, the Hill. Had a old Toyota rust bucket Jeep type which I used for about a year. What a hoot everybody got out of the way particularly those liberals with those big shinny see me show boats. Only memories, now, don’t miss it at all. Loved the area, hated the beltways and feeders. Lest we forget. Warmest Regards old friendo. Max Sends

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Great stuff Max! I was talking to a pilot buddy not too long ago and he was telling me that-they almost always use the RNAV RNP 19 nowadays to make sure pilots don’t go “sightseeing.” They fly it coupled on AP to minimums just prior to the first bridge with all the fancy VNAV and LNAV stuff engaged until the visual segment Not quite as good as the visual-but it’s definitely possible. I did a tutorial video of the River Visual a while back-here’s the link.

Edit: some pics from my last DCA trip-RNAV/River Visual 19


@FBWFTW… Watched the vid as I was researching IF library so as to not waste time & preclude a Dup, great Stuff. When I worked at National for AnWest
Jump Seated in & out daily for a month, A-320 go, Phoenix via Columbus going to Load Master School. River Route both ways back from Columbus early Eve was a lifetime favorite leg. The Capital region at night is awesome. Appreciate your kind words. Regards, Max

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Wow, bookmarked!

Now this is what I need, educational challenges like this. I’ll take it!

Thanks also for the time you put into explaining the plate with such joy, Max, love the way you narrate it! Will try it this week and looking forward to “Roaring River”!

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Max, you can fly my wing any time! Glad you liked/found the video. This is one of my favorite approaches to fly!

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