MaxFacts; Recommend Final (Revised and updated): Washington, DC “River Visual” KDCA

MaxSez: Here’s a simple “Visual” Approach Plate for the scenic Potomac River visual into KDCA #19, one of my favorites. Washington, DC has many hot spots (Flt Restrictions) like P-56 which contains the Capital, White House and the “Downtown” Tourist sectors which are exempt overflight as noted on the Plate. This Plate keeps you out of harms way if you come inbound DC from the North to National (now Reagan).

Note (1) Beside the hot spots this field is aircraft size restricted. 737’s, A-320 Dash, Commuters and alike are welcome. Those big fat Trash Haulers are verboten here, use Dullas to the NW. Note (2) For IF, prior Class B operational approval for Recip and Turbine GA is not required for this proficiency go.

This fun non-precision Approach is a fine training vehicle for Grade 2 & Low number Grade 3’s on the Training Server and those hot shots who worked hard for Expert access. Just kick the tire, lite the fire, learn and go for it. Regards All, Max Sends

(Next week “Roaring River” Visual Aspen #3” for those who dare.)


@baseball_inferno @Airbus_737 lookie here!


@Dylan_M… MaxSez: Revised not a dupe. Did lookeey here. Thanks for the comment sniper. Max Sends


Ooh yes!!! Thank you @Maxmustang!!! Do keep in mind that the 787 and 757 can fly here. I hope that IFATC take this into consideration soon and implement this as a required runway 19 procedure. Thanks for supporting the approach/departure out of my home!



Oh, how that would be beautiful.

tears up


@baseball_inferno… DC was my home for 10 years+. Was Ramp Boss and Cert Load Master for AmWest at DCA for 4 of the 10 after mil retirement. Thanks for the comment homeboy. Regards, Max


Wow. Great approach. Have to try River Visual Approach Washington D.C. - YouTube

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Someone had to make this. It’s a really fun approach, and it’s a shame when IFATC doesnt allow it (but I follow IFATC instructions anyways). Thankfully that hasn’t happened to me yet.
It’s not that hard when you get used to it, and it’s good practice for approaches when you have to turn onto final quickly.


😍 I love the way you think Max! Get 'em outta here! That being said, I should try flying this approach more. I’ve only done it a few times. Probably should do it a more and possibly get some beautiful screenshots.


Damn just read all this and quickly took a screenshot of your chart you posted!

Definitely will be doing this approach this week coming!!

Thanks for the information and new learning


Success, defiantly is a fun approach!

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What exactly is this?

Google Earth KML file of my flight.

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Agree on your ATC comment. Appears the term “VISUAL” does not compute for some ATC’s on both the training and umhuum Expert service. Appears only precision approaches fit their mind set. You can tell the expertise of the service provider when they force vector to the ILS fix or ignore “runway in sight” and don’t automatically freq switch to tower on that call. All in an IF day’s work Bus, Good call. Regards, Max

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It didn’t load for me. Just zoomed in to show some random wooded area in Georgia. How can I access it?

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How can I access it?

No idea, it’s working for me. I flew it, that’s all that matters. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Thank for the kind words George. Professional Knowledge Gained my friend; “It’s Not a “Chart” it’s a “Plate”. Plates provide Nav details for terminal approach and departure for all classified aerodromes… There available on the Web at or by search: “Visual Approach Plate KDCA” for example. Nobody said it was gonna be ez learning Aviation jargon and terminology. Regards, Max

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Plate it is then!

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Max - Glad your are back on here…always love your posts.

I spend way too much time in life commuting on those bridges, especially the American Legion. I love doing this approach in IF. I imagine giving a wave to my poor virtual self and fellow commuters on the inner loop as we contemplate if it’s really worth sitting in our gas guzzling vehicles going 3 mph in order to keep a job. Such is life in the DMV. Looking forward to more posts from you like this in the future. -Ryan

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