MaxFacts: Recent FAA Change; Traffic Pattern Procedure.

MaxSez: Believe this FAA bullet clarifies the recent topic/discussion on pattern procedures. ( the Aviators Friend, suggest you join there mailing list, it’s a good thing)


I feel like generally in Infinite Flight IFR get priority over VFR. i.e. “Move out of my way Cessna!”

@Trio … “I feel” don’t count. The man has spoken comply or risk the consequences. I “feel” your pain! LOL


The problem is everyone assumes that everyone else is as 💩 at flying a Super Decathalon as they are themselves, so they think “hey you, yeah you; you can’t fly, go to the back”. No one trusts the VFR pilots. Rightly so in the majority of cases.

How is that a fair comparison in IF? With all the Virtual Pilots here flying on live, only a small number of them will have a ‘ticket’ and even less will be IFR rated, so majority of the time the guy flying the GA on VFR will likely to be as experinced if not more so than the guy flying the heavy jet!

Though to add some baalnce I do wounder when I see a GA flying into a large international airport such as LAX or LHR, dont normally see a C172 mixing patterns with big heavy metal!

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I have a lot of ATC operations, I’ve seen many things, literally. I give the benefit of the doubt to GA.

That’s saying a lot!

real life ATC ops, IFATC ops or on TS1? Personnaly I plan all my flights with as much real life data as posisble, including researching the correct airfield procedures, which are not often followed here on IF. Anouther vote for the, i recieve their daily email which really are benficial to me as a professional amateur .

Happy Landings

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I only count the IFATC ones. :)

@Trio. MaxSez… Considering your aviation life experience is odviously and primarily IF related, I can identify with your bias. Your take on IFR vs VFR flyers is bogus. A bit of research and you find there are more America’s ticketed non rated Pilot licenses issued than commercial tickets.
Just look up the Airplane Owners of America Association stats. Most commercial Pilots I know or have known fly GA VFR for fun or hand on proficiency. Visit any executive airport in your area, sit in the Pilots lounge in the FBO or Pilots Bar an listen. Best education experience in aviation is watching and listening to Aviators talk with there Hand after a few beers. Cheers


I’m strictly talking about IF, I just realized this was in #real-world-aviation. Lol, I’ll do my reasearch. Cheers.


Thanks for bringing this recent change to my attention! I’ll be sure to take this into account the next time I’m flying patterns…


I like these changes. Keeps it simple and removes the guesswork at less-than-documented airfields

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These rules are for uncontrolled airfields. ATC mau give priority to whomever they choose but for uncontrolled airfields there is no such right of way between IFR or VFR


And specifically uncontrolled airfields without specified frequencies and pattern altitudes in the AF/D

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  1. There is specified frequency that pilots need to be on at uncontrolled air fields.
  2. There is also pattern altitudes for airplanes at uncontrollable airports. PAs usually range from 800 feet to 1500 above the field elevation.
    Also usually, not all the times most VFR Ga pilots will give way to IFR traffic coming in since they are usually faster airplanes.
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@N1DG… MaxSez: Ah Yes, Greene Brothers Aviation Service Tip Line ansewer the Mail again, well stated.

Let just expand your comment a bit.

Uncontrolled Airfield Communications are classified as FAA Common Traffic Advisory Freq’s (CTAF) and are found in related Flight Information Publication (FLIP’s). The Freq include Unicom, Multicom, FSS station located at the drome and Towers.
Pattern Altitudes, Deviations from the recent FAA Circular 90-36B which standerizes System wide 050/100Agl in Pattern Altitudes are found in individual dromes Flight Information Publications, FLIP’s. The wise Pilot always checks the en-route FLIP’s during PreFlight.
Only courteous Pilots Give way in the Pattern. Experience finds it’s dog ear dog up there, cause mine is bigger and faster than yours LOL.
Good to see ya Delta Gulf. Regards.


For anyone wishing to dive into the literature themselves, here is a link to the AC:

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Thanks! I do my best too help out when it comes to Real world aviation knowledge

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