MaxFacts/Quiz: 9 Taxi Procedure Errors & Sashaz-BZQuiz; “Can You Fly this Approach”.. (Plate Provided)

MaxSez: There’s been a lot of discussion about Taxiway Etiquette, Lost Souls, Progressive Taxi and Airport Taxiway Diagrams of late. The following first Boldmethod Tutorial provides a primer on what to expect and Pilot Errors commonly noted during this procedure that should be considered in your pre-flight work ups.

The Seconded item is a Boldmethod Quiz which gets a BZ Flag Hoist for the first 100%’er. (Cut/Paste Score as comment). It separates the Sport Pilots from the Aviators amount us. It should only be attempted by the high XP/Hours crowd or those who dare.

(Note: A Chart/Plate is required to extrapolate the data need to complete the Quiz. That highlighted Chart/Plate is accessed by activating the Link;
(View FAA Chart)

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Cool! Those are some interesting articles.

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