MaxFacts, Plannning a Global Go? Here's the 10 Most Dangerous Approaches in the World (Video)

Did you fly in a BA B77W by any chance?

Into Paro…? No. I used an A320.


Oh. In the BA77 release pic they said it was flying to Paro, and you said you flew to Paro, so I put 2 and 2 together… and got 5 :(
It must be an absolutely amazing approach, most definitely one of the first things I’ll do in global


@Tyler_Shelton. “Shocked”, shocked I say!!! As I sit here reading these repetitive descriptions and viewing the “Testers” baited Global posts I feel like a ”Voyeur” in an upscale house of ill repute. Subliminal Suggestion is an excellent tool for the huckster enjoying the hanging fruit before it made available to the masses. Great Marketing FDS, but “Where’s the Beef”. LOL!!!
Extremely Warm Regards all to all the “Taster’s”


If Kai tak is in will cheap lap cok be in?

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Probably because of the mountains that surround it, having too be on-point in landings and so on

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Mountains? It is sea all around it! Except a bit to the north, but it’s very little.

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And the close proximity too the beach, planes usually bank right too avoid the mountains. Have you googled?

That doesn’t make it dangerous for the pilots, passengers or people at the airport. Only for the tourists. In fact, it is not dangerous for the tourists. Just don’t hang yourself to the fence and you’ll be okay.

Sure, but that’s only on takeoff and isn’t really dangerous. Many airports have mountains and terrain around it and it’s not dangerous.


Then google, I’ve went through what I think is dangerous about the airport. 😂

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there are no curved runways so that pretty much defeats the purpose

Honestly, I won’t be surprised if I see a bunch of people landing at Lukla with A380’s. I’m gonna land at Lukla with a Cessna Caravan and I will land at Paro with an A319. Surprised that they didn’t put Paro in the video.

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