MaxFacts: Pilot Shortage, What's in your future?

MaxSez: Considering a future in aviation? Put this tidbit in your decision cycle, the U.K. is not the only nation facing a Pilot shortage!

( The Cost of Flight Training. A full time commercial flight training course (known as an integrated course) completed at a European flight school will cost upwards of £80,000 to around £120,000 . Part time training, or a course completed at a various flight training organisations (known as modular training) will start at around £40,000 to £60,000… £80k= $98.5k)(Source: Aviation Weekly)

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Haha- love the maxification of your posts! The pilot shortage seems to be getting worse. Talked to a couple of BA pilots on a 320 and a 380 and all of them told me the same thing- now is a good time to come in, but the economy of being a Pilot is awful and changes quite a lot. Thanks for the info.

If they decrease the training costs then im pretty sure theyll see quite a few more potential pilots applying.

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I saw a similar story yesterday in the Denver Post and it made front page news! Was going to share it but I forgot to.

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Ryanair, here I come!

Honestly though, it’s costly in my country to become a pilot and fly commercially.

I was thinking of being an Air Traffic Controller or Pilot, both are a shortage, however I feel like economics is my turf which I am comfortable with.

Maybe one day I will get out of my comfort zone though, we’ll see.

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I am currently 14 but I am training with EAA to get my PPL, and they will probably head me know the right direction after that towards the airline world. EAA young eagles is all free, so it is certainly making it easier.
My airline would be United and Skywest for there regional.
If you get to choose your crew bases, I would go for either SFO or IAD.
And I am hoping the pilot shortage will make this all even easier

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