MaxFacts on Hiatus's: Flyin Full Time FAM new Systems (Suggested SCal Practice Location)

MaxSez: Off the Forum Net for New Nav System FAM. PM’s only Pls.
(Steam XCub & C-172 are exciting ladies). “GA All the Way”, Max


Cool story Devil Dog! Maybe elaborate more on where and others can join in on the flying fun adventures ;)

Details, details, details…


@Levet… Max uses the high desert in SoCal.for FAM all IF aircraft. “Palm Springs” for Trash Haulers & “Bermuda Dunes” for GA. The Salten Sea (Lake) SW of PSP is superb for aerobatics.
G’day FireDog, Max


May I ask what FAM means in this s context?

@The_Geniusman… MaxSez: FAM = “Familiarization” in aviation speak. Glad you asked.
Regards, Max

So familiarization of the 6 pack and flying the new bird?

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@The_Geniusman… I’ve flown all lF Inventory birds and understand there capabilities and short comings. The new Chart and Nav Package gets my undivided attention. Nav1/2 with working NavAids, ILS Set Ups & Switchology need FAM and lotsa practice.
Anyone can fly GPS but LNav ect require pilotage skill.
(Do you know the LARS rule for a“ Back Azimuth” genius ?)
Regards, Max

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I don’t know the Lars rule. The new UI does require some relearning and practice. I was able to get comfortable with the NAVs and CRS. @Will_A loved my flight planning into 31kt headwind 😉.

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SoCal is an amazing area for General aviation. I’m gonna go find somewhere in the area and really get good at navigating with VORs. I’ve been waiting on this for a long time.

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Good luck on your journey to finding out what they heck everything does. See ya in the skies!

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I dont get why NAV1s are so hard for you. No offence, but they are quite easy. You simpily insert the NAV and follow the STAR.

@BadPlane… MaxSez. “Hard” never said that young person. I was Dead Reckoning before modern NavAids where installed, even SID/STARS where just a figment of development back then. In fact you where not even a gleam in your Dad’s eyes when I joined the Marines in 59, LOL. Only a fool attempts to operate new/improved systems and airframes w/o a FAM go or two.
Gung Ho, “Bad”, Max

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