MaxFacts: “No Tickee No Shirty! Detailed Flight Plans Required!

Took the time to survey the Playground and “Expert (LOL) traffic loading this AM. Amazing, 69%+ (Even Gd4/5’s) of the aircraft aloft had NO or single destination Flight Plans Filed and where still receiving ATC Services! In my world everybody files a complete flight plan Launch/Intermediate/Recovery if there flying within the modern ATC automated system. Even the real GA folk file just to go VFR or T&G at there local tie down field so the traffic cops in the system don’t get blind sided and if they loose it their bodies can be recovered quickly.

Under the circumstances let me suggest that IFATC/ATC Clean up this IF anomaly and refuse service to any aircraft entering or departing controlled airspace w/o a complete detailed FP.

(Grade 2/3s, spend an hour learning how to file utilizing the “Simple Simon” in App Flight Planner before a future 👻Getya!)

We all win, the Fleglings learn Flight Filing/Chart work/Nav and the “Seasoned” Aviators fly by example and good airmanship. No Tickee, No Shirtee as my old Momma Son use to say in SEA, you “others” just use the kiddy Server or stay at homes in Mom’s basement.; Expert: No Detailed Flight Plan, NO ATC SERVICE!!

Just Sayin. Mad Max Sends


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