MaxFacts: NEW IF Tutorial (Video) ATIS/Visual Approach.

MaxSez: Here’s 2 must watch Chief Pilot Denton & Air Boss Shelton’s Video Tutorials that you really need to watch and learn from. Procedual Knowledge is Power;
(Publish for those that don’t follow IF on UTube or Tutorials.)


I thank both Mark and Tyler for working hard on these videos they are a really big help


Both of these can already be found in the #tutorials category. But hopefully this also reaches out to more people who don’t look through those.


As @Maxmustang stated in his last sentence “published for those that don’t follow IF or look in the tutorials section”

All too often some individuals get caught up in the excitement of the new update and jump in the cockpit and go flying without understanding new procedures established, and when they do, and get ghosted by ATC we end up seeing 1,000 “why did I get ghosted posts”

Point is. Understand the procedures, repeat until there is no doubt. Knowledge is king.

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