MaxFacts: Neat Stuff, over MLW “Fuel Dump”, 1st but not the Last!

MaxSez: Man those 3 hole’rrrs (Both Models) are tough birds to master. Been on that Solo attempting to refine landing tech In cross winds more times than once so far, I feel like a Fledgling when I strap on the beast which I initially said was a Lady. I lied to myself apparently.

Now for the wheat, you had the chaff in the opener, Just had a bad go into MIA in an MD-11, inbound on the ILS, hit the APPR on Base got a Heavy (over MLW) Warning and No Joy, went around. Trainee Controller was Top Notch (Missed his Handle in the rush). Used the new Fuel Dump mode for the first time, “Magic”. Who ever programmed this complex routine is aces in my book. Lost WIFI next attempt. Oh, My, Busted.

Here’s a fact and a recommendation. Don’t get in a hurry fuel planning or you’ll look like a Peanut and you’ll be PO’d at yourself for hours. Work the numbers and check them twice!
G’nite All.


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@Infinite_Flyer MaxSez: “Feels like”. That’s an emotional response son. I deal in facts. Your petty comment and opinion are noted and rejected! G’nite


Yes these old birds can be a bit tricky to fly. Those barn doors that droop out from the wings sure create a lot of drag and slow the aircraft down quite a bit. I noticed that extra power is sometimes needed when on the heavier side. Note the that the ground effect will kick in at 100ft AGL, so power reduction will be needed. Probably one of my favorite posts that I’ve read of yours. Made me laugh. 😅 Nice one Max!


It’s the hardest commercial aircraft to fly on IF but surprisingly I’m not struggling too much with it, there is a big learning curve though and those flaps definitely don’t look normal 😂. The only way I can manage the aircraft is with trim, trim and more Trim!!!

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I agree Max, this whole feature of Fuel Dumping is awesome and realistic! I am absolutely loving the entire Fuel Dump feature along with the Engine Shut-Off feature, that’s really nice and helpful as well with fuel consumption! I’m glad you’re enjoying it, and for sure, this is one of your funnier posts! G’nite!

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Don’t worry, if you feel insulted just know max is known for being honest and straight up about his feelings towards stuff. Has happened to us all before 😉 (Aka me, and I’ve also had someone tell me that same message I just wrote as well)


You never fail to make me laugh. Great post as usual Max!!


@Maxmustang is an old man that gives you a smile to your face, love all his posts with his very unique grammar.
Keep it going Old Man 🙂!


@Maxmustang reading that made me chuckle a bit… Especially since my mind subconsciously assigns an “old southern man” dialect to your posts. Almost like a Larry the Cable Guy but slightly deeper tone and not as raspy.

“Lied tuh mahself apparently” 😅😅😅


I am serious! I love your sense of humor! Keep up with being who you are. I think I like you for who you are as a person! This is some serious corky language that I don’t ever want you to stop!

Getting back on topic: Im sorry I just cannot understand you… I feel like you should flag this post (mine) as off topic but I sort of feel your pain. I can’t seem to master controls of the MD-11 especially fuel consumption!

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Um, there isn’t a misc. category (that I know of, if I’m wrong educate me ;) and the only other reasonable category this would be in is general.

You’re correct. There isn’t a category titled miscellaneous.

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