MaxFacts: Most-Produced Aircraft By Type in the World!

This is a list of the most-produced aircraft types whose numbers exceed or exceeded 5,000. Any and all types of aircraft qualify, including airplanes, airships, balloons, gliders (sailplanes), helicopters, etc., are included; (Wiki)

Cessna 172 C 43,000+[1] United States 1956–present Also built in France by Reims Aviation.
Ilyushin Il-2 M Ground-attack 36,183 Soviet Union 1941–1945 Most-produced combat and two-seat aircraft.
Messerschmitt Bf 109 M Fighter 34,852 Germany 1936–1958 Most-produced fighter and single-seat aircraft. Also built in Hungary, Romania, Spain, Czechoslovakia and Switzerland.
Piper PA-28 series C 32,778+ United States 1960–present
Cessna 150 / 152 C 31,500+ United States 150: 1958–1977
152: 1977–1986 Most-produced two-seat civil aircraft. Both types also built in France.
23,949[?+] 150s; 7,584[?+] 152s
Cessna 182 C 23,237+ United States 1956–present Was also built in France.
Supermarine Spitfire/Seafire M Fighter 22,685 United Kingdom 1938–1948 20,351 of total were land-based Spitfires. The first Seafires were Spitfires modified with tailhooks.
Focke-Wulf Fw 190 M Fighter 20,051 Germany 1939–1945 64 produced in post-WWII France as the “NC 900”.
Piper J-3 Cub C/M 20,038[2] United States 1938–1947 Most-produced fabric-covered aircraft.
Polikarpov Po-2 M Biplane 20,000 to
30,000[3] Soviet Union 1928–1952[3] Most-produced biplane.
Consolidated B-24 Liberator M Heavy bomber 18,482 United States 1940–1945 Most-produced heavy bomber and multi-engine aircraft.
Antonov An-2 C/M Biplane 18,000+ Soviet Union - Ukraine 1947–present Longest production run for any airplane. Also built in China and Poland.
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 M Jet fighter 18,000+ Soviet Union 1947–1950s Most-produced jet. 3,454 built in Czechoslovakia; 727 in Poland; an unknown number in China.
Mil Mi-8 M Helicopter 17,000+ Soviet Union - Russia 1961–present Most-produced helicopter.
Beechcraft Bonanza C 17,000+ United States 1947–present Longest continuous production of any airplane in history.[4][5][6]
Yakovlev Yak-9 M Fighter 16,769 Soviet Union 1942–1948
Douglas DC-3 C/M Airliner 16,079 United States 1935–1952 Most-produced airliner. Also built in Japan and Soviet Union. Includes numerous military variants such as C-47, R4D, & Dakota.
Bell UH-1 “Huey” Iroquois C/M Helicopter 16,000+ United States 1959–present Includes models 204, 205, 212, 214 and 412.[7]
Republic P-47 Thunderbolt M Fighter 15,660[8] United States 1942–1945
North American P-51 Mustang M Fighter 15,586 United States 1940–1951 Excludes F-82 and other derivatives.
North American T-6 Texan M Trainer 15,495 United States 1937–1950s Includes SNJ, Harvard, and aircraft built under license in Canada.
Junkers Ju 88 M Multirole 15,183[9] Germany 1939–1945 Luftwaffe multirole bomber, heavy fighter and reconnaissance aircraft.
Hawker Hurricane M Fighter 14,583 United Kingdom 1937–1944 Also built in Canada.
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 M Jet fighter 13,996 Soviet Union 1959–2006 Most-produced supersonic aircraft. Also built in India, China and Czechoslovakia.
Waco CG-4 M Glider 13,903+ United States 1942–1945 Most-produced glider.
Curtiss P-40 Warhawk M Fighter 13,738 United States 1939–1944
Chotia Weedhopper C Ultralight 13,000 United States 1977–present Most-produced ultralight.
Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress M Bomber 12,731 United States 1937–1945
Vought F4U Corsair M Fighter 12,571 United States 1941–1952
Grumman F6F Hellcat M Fighter 12,275 United States 1942–1945 Naval fighter.
Vultee BT-13 Valiant M Trainer 11,537 United States 1939–1947
Vickers Wellington M Medium bomber 11,461[10] United Kingdom 1936–1945
Petlyakov Pe-2 M Dive bomber 11,427 Soviet Union 1939–1945 Most-produced dive bomber of any type - a twin-engined design.
Avro Anson C/M Multirole 11,029 United Kingdom 1935–1952 Also built in Canada.
Mitsubishi A6M Zero M Fighter 10,939 Japan 1940–1945
Piper Pacer C 10,610[?+] United States 1950–[?1964] Includes the Piper PA-20 Pacer and Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer.
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17 M Jet fighter 10,367 Soviet Union 1951–1986 Many built in China as the Shenyang J-5 / JJ-5.
Lockheed P-38 Lightning M Fighter 10,037 United States 1941–1945 Two-engined twin-boom design.
Aeronca Champion C 10,000+ United States 1946–1950
DFS SG 38 Schulgleiter M Glider 10,000~[11] Germany 1938–1944 Training glider.
North American B-25 Mitchell M Medium bomber 9,984 United States 1939–1945
Lavochkin La-5 M Fighter 9,920 Soviet Union 1942–1944
North American F-86 Sabre / FJ Fury M Fighter/bomber 9,860 United States 1947–1956 Also built in Australia and Canada.
Grumman TBF Avenger M Torpedo bomber 9,837 United States 1941–1945
Bell P-39 Airacobra M Fighter 9,584 United States 1938–1944
Boeing 737 C/M Jet airliner 9,295[12] United States 1967–present Most-produced large jet-powered civilian aircraft.
Cessna 210 C 9,240[?+] United States 1957–[?1985]
Piper PA-18 C/M 9,000[?+] United States 1949–[?1994]
Beechcraft Model 18 C/M 9,000 United States 1937–1970
Yakovlev Yak-18 M Two-seat trainer 9,000 Soviet Union 1946–1960s
Avro 504 C/M Biplane fighter 8,970 United Kingdom 1913–1918 Most-produced World War I aircraft design.
Yakovlev Yak-1 M Fighter 8,720 Soviet Union 1940–1944
Polikarpov I-16 M Fighter 8,644[13] Soviet Union 1934–1943
Boeing-Stearman Model 75 C/M Biplane trainer 8,584 United States 1934–1942
Cessna 206 C 8,509+ or 7,783+[citation needed] United States 1962–present Includes models 205 and 207?
SPAD S.XIII M Biplane fighter 8,472 France 1917–1918 Most-produced World War I fighter aircraft design.
La Mouette Atlas C Hang glider 8,000+ France 1979–present
Grumman F4F Wildcat M Naval fighter 7,885[14] United States 1937–1943
Piper PA-32 C 7,842+ United States 1965–2007 Enlarged PA-28.
Breguet 14 M Reconnaissance 7,800 France 1916–1928 2,300 built after the end of WWI.
de Havilland Mosquito M Multirole 7,781 United Kingdom 1940–1950 Also built in Australia and Canada.
Fairchild PT-19 M Trainer 7,700+[15] United States 1938-1948 Includes variants PT-23 and PT-26. Also built in Canada and Brazil.
Cessna 120 and 140 C 7,664[16][17] United States 1946–1950
Republic F-84 Thunderjet M Jet fighter-bomber 7,524 United States 1946–1953
Douglas DB-7 (A-20 Havoc) M Multirole 7,478 United States 1938–1944
Avro Lancaster M Heavy bomber 7,377 United Kingdom 1942–1945 Includes 430 built under licence in Canada.
Bell 206 Jetranger C/M Helicopter 7,340+ United States 1966–present[18] Also made in Canada and Italy.
Heinkel He 111 M Medium bomber 7,300 Germany 1935–1944 Also built in Spain as the CASA C.2111.
Curtiss SB2C Helldiver M Naval dive bomber 7,140 United States 1940–1945 1,135 built in Canada
Most-produced single-engine dive bomber.
de Havilland Tiger Moth C/M Biplane 7,105 United Kingdom 1931–1944 Also built in Canada and Australia.
Piper PA-23 C 6,976 United States 1952–1981
Curtiss JN-4 C/M Biplane 6,813 United States 1915–1927
Polikarpov I-15 M Biplane fighter 6,750[19] Soviet Union 1933-1940 Also built in Spain.
Tupolev SB M Bomber 6,656 Soviet Union 1936–1941 Also built in Czechoslovakia.
Ilyushin Il-28 M Medium bomber 6,635+ Soviet Union 1949–1955 Also built in China and Czechoslovakia.
Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star M Jet trainer 6,557 United States 1948–1959 Also built in Canada by Canadair.
Airbus A320 family C Jet airliner 6,415[20] Multi-national 1988–present Includes the A318 / A319 / A320 / A321.
Yakovlev Yak-7 M Fighter/trainer 6,399 Soviet Union 1940–1943
Cessna 310 C 6,321 United States 1954–1980
Lavochkin-Gorbunov-Gudkov LaGG-3 M Fighter 6,258 Soviet Union 1941–1942
Ilyushin Il-10 M Ground-attack 6,226 Soviet Union 1944–1954 Also built in Czechoslovakia as the Avia B-33 / CB-33.
Cessna 180 C 6,193[?+] United States 1953–1981
Handley Page Halifax M Heavy bomber 6,176 United Kingdom 1940–1946
Messerschmitt Bf 110 M Heavy/night fighter 6,150 Germany 1936–1945 Twin-engined design. Most sources state 6,000 to 6,150 produced.
Junkers Ju 87 M Dive bomber 6,000 Germany 1935–1944
Polikarpov R-5 M Recon bomber 6,000 Soviet Union 1928–1937
Sopwith 1½ Strutter M Multirole biplane 5,939 United Kingdom 1917–1918 Majority built in France for French use.
Douglas SBD Dauntless M Scout / dive bomber 5,936 United States 1940–1944
Bristol Beaufighter M Heavy fighter 5,928 United Kingdom 1940–1946 Also built in Australia.
Nakajima Ki-43 M Fighter 5,919 Japan 1942–1945
Yokosuka K5Y M Biplane trainer 5,770 Japan 1934–1945
Lavochkin La-7 M Fighter 5,753 Soviet Union 1944–1946
Antonov A-1 CM? Training glider 5,700 Soviet Union 1930–1940s
Robinson R44 C Helicopter 5,610+ United States 1993–present
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19 M Jet fighter 5,500[21] Soviet Union 1953–1959 (USSR)
1958–1981 (China) 2,500 built in Soviet Union. Also built in China (~3,000) and Czechoslovakia.
Sopwith Camel M Biplane fighter 5,497 United Kingdom 1917–1918
Mil Mi-2 M Helicopter 5,497 Soviet Union 1965–1985 Also built in Poland.
Cessna AT-17 Bobcat M Trainer 5,422 United States 1939–1943
Bristol F.2 Fighter M Biplane fighter 5,329 United Kingdom 1916–1927 WWI two-seat fighter.
Martin B-26 Marauder M Medium bomber 5,288 United States 1941–1945
Stinson 108 C 5,260[22] United States 1946–1950
Ilyushin Il-4 M Medium bomber 5,256 Soviet Union 1942–1944
Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5 M Biplane fighter 5,205 United Kingdom 1917–1918
McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II M Multirole jet 5,195 United States 1958–1981
Cessna 170 C 5,174[23] United States 1948–1956 Four-place, all-metal, civilian light plane. Evolved into Cessna 172.
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23 M Jet fighter 5,047 Soviet Union 1967–1985
Yakovlev Yak-12 MC Multirole STOL 5,000 Soviet Union 1946–1957 Excludes the Chinese Shenyang Type 5. Also build in Poland.
Grunau Baby IIb C Sailplane 5,000~[24] Germany 1932–[?] (Wiki)


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