MaxFacts: More “FEED BACK” for ATC

MaxSez: Just a complement for JULUS-IFAE the hot shot Tower/ Ground Controllers at Mexico City. The Pics tell the tail… After a long pre-Flight just watching I knew there’d be delays. After a 25 minute wait to push I ran out of crew time and gave up hope and punched out! Considering that this was just another EXP day with the kids out of school or work it begs the Questions, is there a IFATC Staffing issue, under the circumstances Why was there just one controller running “both Ground & Tower”, Why no “Ground Stop”, Why no Stacking or Devert for the Inbounds. Check the pics.
I’m not complaining but Mr. JULUS need some recognition here. He did a Masterful job when all is said an done, Bravo Zulu my Controller of the Week. Have a Hoist.
“The Great Santini, MadMax Sends



Looks like you have an admirer @Julius97!

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@Julius97 be proud of yourself!

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Mexiko-City is known for delays on the ground and complicated taxi IRL too though. Not sure how the airport could cope with the traffic levels without delay.

Looks like good work by the IFATCs though!


@Julius97 … MaxSez… Just got your msg address. Wanted to insure you got my original msg.
Warm Regards, Max

Thank you very much for your kind words!
Operating MMMX is always quite a challenge with those high approach speeds, limited gates and taxiways and the tricky layout.
Thanks for stopping by!

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