MaxFacts: “Minimum Fuel” The Pilots a Fool!

MaxSez: The Controller has no dog in the Minimum Fuel fight! Facing a minimum fuel situation is a pilots dilemma. Stuff happens, BUT, minimum fuel stuff does not just happen it’s the product of poor pilot planning or avoidable consequences.

In preflight planning pilots must consider en-route weather, crowded airspace, long arrival holds, ground stops etc.

If or when you anticipate, recognize or have a low fuel state you must take action and not expect ATC to correct your current personal obvious PPPP!

A fuel stop en-route or diversion to an alternate terminus for fuel is the appropriate action!

Disruption at a termini based on poor planning in the real world has consequences, when flying
on IF you only appear the ”Fool”!

Learn this lesson well. Only a foolish, nugget Pilot runs out of Gas!

Here’s what the book sez;

FAA AIM Sez; MINIMUM FUEL: Indicates that an aircraft’s fuel supply has reached a state where, upon reaching the destination, it can accept little or no delay. This is not an emergency situation but merely indicates an emergency situation is possible should any undue delay occur.

G’day, MaxSends


MaxTranslation: if you don’t have enough fuel and crash it’s your own fault 🤣


Well Said MaxSez

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Yeah, we hear “minimum fuel” and “emergency fuel” far too much in IF.

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I always take an hour or two’s worth, it’s not worth looking like a fool

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At the end it’s free 🤷‍♂️.


1h30m of fuel should be more then enough. But In IF sometimes some aircraft, per example: A340, B747 take more fuel then usual :)

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Ah yes, the 747-4, or 'Fuelosaur" as I call it.

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A real pilot, whether in the sim or in the real world always spends a good amount of his/her time doing the necessary planning. By the time you start the engine(s), you should know the suitable alternate airports to divert to in case of a fuel emergency whether it’s induced by heavy traffic at the destination or some other strange reason. To avoid this, it’s good practice to load extra fuel when flying into an extremely busy airport eg during FNF.

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I should put a warning in here that if you use simbrief for flight planning fuel as well as route, I would probably change the fuel factor to P10 or HIGHER for the B752, B744 and B748 to have adequate reserve. For some reason, the IF models burn much more gas than planned using the simbrief performance databases.

The good thing about these 3 models is they can all dump fuel if you’re overweight by the time you get there but there’s no way to add gas in flight. I’ve definitely almost had to use min/emergency fuel a few times while flying those frames.


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