MaxFacts: Me, ATC, ATIS & EU B's Kudos...

MaxSez: Flew the Expert EU Curcuit this AM. 8 Full Service B’s operational. Very impressive. All operating efficiently with mixed flows.
Drove a Baby Bus, just parked on the ramp and watched and listened.
ATIS, which I’ve waited for, was broadcasting load and clear and appeared to positively effect flow control. I noted “Intersection Departures” where permitted at 4 of the 8 which gave me a warm and fuzzy. However, The most active airports restricted intersection go’s which got my attention. Was looking for the use of holding patters at the high tempo GR gateways. No Joy. On the comm front, like the new modular comm panel, do miss the Freq listing of nearby airport. The auto feed is restrictive. This was the best IF flying day since I was an IF Fledgling. Do Good Work IFATC and FDS.


100 percent agree max! Yesterday and the day before flew three legs. (Trying o get the landings for grade 4) but it was great!! Really loved the ATC, yesterday coming into Dubai was so realistic it felt like I was in fsx, or x-plane. Got vectored and had the Atis. I loved it! I also love the feature of being able to tune frequencies. Where as before I was not able too.

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MaxSez: I stand corrected. I misspoke on the comm menu. Was in an area of nulls when checked. The new Comm Console is Exceptional. Regards


Although the new ATC system allows you to tune in far away, please don’t request something unless you are having some sort of fuel emergency or it is quiet. Just wait until you are say 50-60NM then you should say intentions. I don’t mind if you tune in or not, just don’t distract the controller with unnecessary work load.

This is what I hate. When I was vectoring all the mess, I don’t want to zoom out and see you so far out away, especially it is that busy.


@Hezz… MaxSez; Don’t know what comm menu your looking at Hezz but the aircraft comm panels I’ve used thus far on the new comm module appear to limit range to less thean 30 miles. Your 50-60 mike range applies to ATC, primeraly Approach at the ranges stated. As for your zoom out distractions, suck it up your in the service biz on the big kids playing field now, not at the kiddie server anymore, get used to it.

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Yep. To clarify a bit, I am talking about approach frequency. Now they can call almost 100NM out now.

Problem is people start calling inbound double the range before. Which means I have to control much more aircraft at a time which half of them is pretty much unnecessary. Also they should be flying on their own that far out, so I don’t actively vector them which makes them think they are “ignored” and request anything they can ask. I have to use my precious time to tell them check help pages, follow instructions…
Just to say it is really much more than distraction, not to mention other issues distracting me

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You can go to your map, click on the airport and in the info have tune options from there. Approach let’s you tune in around 150nm away.

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MaxSez: @Hezz. I feel yr pain. In the presant It’s called situation awareness and judgement young man. Just give the early callers a stand by and work those who meet your range requirement into your Conga Line. Advise the Air Boss of this Approch comm anomaly and recommend corrective action to relive your “burden”. Appears an Approch NOTAM is necessary at this point to establish check in range limits until a tech fix can be implemented. Appreciate the fact your utilizing your “precious” time and the distractions you must contend with. Until a fix is implemented and the Pilot community is formally advised of this problem you’ll just have to suck it up. Suggesting the uninformed Pilot community is at fault is not helpful. Should you wish to continue this discussion on an FDS/IFATC tech problem you describe pls contact me by PM. Respectfully

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