MaxFacts: Marine Ospray Transpacific Hop, Hawaii-Darwin, Australia

MaxSez: Various Sources report this deployment out of MCAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii’s MAG-24. Will include 4 MV-22 Osprays, 4 AH-1J Super Cobras & 4 UH-1Y Venoms. The Ospray will fly direct to Darwin w/intermediate stop and aerial refueling the remainder of the detachment will be airlifted.
(Flew with this Air Group in OV-10 Bronco’s for 4 years back in the day)


Please add some text too your post Max. Thanks in advance! :)


@jdag2004 Text dropped from initial input, give a guy a chance to review and correct pls. Max

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I saw a V22 yesterday over the old El Toro MCAS(rip) do you know anything about that movement? Maybe 29 palms from Miramar MCAS?

Here is the a link to a similar article that is free:

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@Gavrilo… MAXSez: Your MILcom article sez it all. Attempted to down load but no joy.
MCAS Miramar replaced El Toro for West Coast Marine aviation years ago.
The station supports 29 Stump and Pendleton joint arms/MAGTF training and deployments.

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