MaxFacts: Keep it Real: GA/Reginals “Wake Turbulence & and Wing Vortex are Real. (Recent RW GA Incidant and an IF Solution)

MaxSez: Although Wake Turbulence & Wing Vortex are not an IF phanomina now, it still should not be overlooked if yr a GA or Reginal Pilot.
Keep it Real. Your procedures should emulate what the future will hold should you choose flying as a pass time or career. Below find an extract from the Aviation Herald wlhich highlights a January 17 GA “Blow Over”,
(not a “Ground Loop” as some may think)

“Accident: American A319 at Phoenix on Jan 17th 2018, wake turbulence blew a Cessna 182 Over on departure!

An American Airlines Airbus A319-100, registration N819AW performing flight AA-1709 from Phoenix,AZ to San Jose,CA (USA), departed Phoenix’s runway 07L and was climbing out of Phoenix.

A Cessna 182 departed runway 07L as the next aircraft. The FAA reported however: “AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 1709, A319 ON DEPARTURE CAUSED WAKE TURBULENCE AND BLEW OVER C172, PHOENIX AZ”. There were no injuries. Runway 07L was closed until the damaged 172 was removed causing a significant op interruption. END (Source: AvHerald)

With our crowded Controlled Aerodromes and Taxiway lineups at the threshold, those big fat ugly Heavies and Supers blowing smoke in yr face as you proceed from parking and launch are a clear and present danger to the GA and Reginal Crowd. Always look for an alternate if it looks like ATC has a prescribed active with a Blower Conga Line. Select your rwy of choice, the short unused one or a red one that your craft is capable of using is an excellant option… Refused Pilots Choice by ATC go for an “Intersection Departure” on the Active. (That choice is not in the ATC Friendly comm menu.) Just turn into an acceptable On Ramp, Stop at the Hold Short and request Take Off. A professional, well trained Controller will recognize your intent and send you down range. The line standers with any experience will recognize and Intersection go as a Conga Line Expediter.

Bottom line GA/Reginals; Beware big things that suck thru the air. They also blow big time. Remember the Alternative! “Intersection Departure” and Request Short RWays. Fly Real, soir with the IF Eagles, leave those Fledgling feathers in the class room called TS-1…


Interesting way to put it.


My friend who flies out of PHX witnessed this. Also I’ve had a family member that was in a similar accident like this

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Great topic Max! Also remember 172’s need to watch out for wake turbulence but people need to watch out for wake turbulence off the 172 as @Mark_Denton knows…

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It should be known that intersection departures aren’t always allowed at major airports. A common fix for this when jets are around is to either rotate before the jet did and fly over its path (or when landing land over its path further down the runway) or simply wait for 2 minutes for the forces to dissipate.

@ryu12332. MaxSez: I heard them all Sir. This is a new one on me. Scary stuff, OhMy! G’nite

“…it’s not unusual to be cleared onto the runway for an intersection departure ahead of [an airliner] awaiting takeoff [at Sky Harbor]…”

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MaxSez: @Tim_B. Loved that dated (2000) Sky Harbor Tip sheet link, which was published back when Sky Harbor was smack down town Phoenix. Off Calfax. I used to walk across the street from the terminal and pub crawl on long layovers which I always booked.
The new Sky Harbor, out in the Desert miles from civilization, a port I routinely by pass sucks. If forced by circumstances I may use Sky Harbor as a transit point for Vagas as a cost consideration. Procedures noted are no longer valid. I preferred the Camelback VFR corridors visual entry back when.

Whoops. Guess I should have checked the expiration date. Sorry about that.

I’m sure class B is becoming harder and harder to come by for the GA flyer, but still seems that if they are going to let GAs fly out, which they clearly are, or this wouldn’t have happened, they would take some similar precautions on the ground. I’m sure the in-air instructions are dated, obviously so given the location change, but if you have a 172 flying out…

Fun story, the “new-and-improved” Sky Harbor, to which I flew en route to Sedona (drove to the latter from the former), didn’t seem so shiny new when I was there. There was a live bat in the terminal when we were there. Landing on women’s hair. Fun to watch, yes, but probably not the best memory of your airport you want to send some people home with.

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