MaxFacts: Just another Expert Sunday.

MaxFacts: Pilots Dilemma! Do I Sit on a Gate Hold, wait on a long Taxi, Conga Line on Arrival or fly the Training Server or;

  • Go Trainer… Me 100%
  • No Go Trainer
  • Fly Limited Service Expert
  • RW,~fuel, crew hours, wait out delay, advise Dispatch, Provide Free Booze to Pax.
    What would you Do?


Your poll isn’t working, and stay on expert lol

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ATIS Updated now. More deps are getting out.
You could always fly into a lesser known airport


Join IFATC team and open one. Just a thought

wait guys so im currently on geneva’s approach frequency but im out of LSGG airspace. Should I request frequency change, leave the frequency on my own, or wait till the ATC tells me to change?

Wait for ATC. You can request a frequency change if you want (if you’re above 18000).

ok thank you

No offense but I didn’t understand anything you said


I would just sit there and wait because I patient

Or just go somewhere else

I will like to be the guy put the Long taxi and gate hold in to ATIS🙋‍♂️

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@Abudy. MaxSez; Just mussing!. LSGG was loaded up with Sunday drivers as usual when I surveyed it this Sunday AM. Just look at the traffic load, pattern traffic, gate hold, long taxi lines to the active threshold, a Conga Line of traffic inbound. ATIS said it all. Only LSGG had full ATC service of the 3 Exp active airports so it was Decision time…
I choose to hit the Trainer that had 15 airports with serves and gave the community an option to agree or disagree with my choice. What would you have done in my predicament?


Geneva is a pretty cool place to fly on the last day of week, so that you can fly over nice alps in a TBM or whatever of GA

Kinda like “relaxation” in IF
Even tho you have about 30 other exact minds so yeah not that relaxing I guess

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@RayWang… MaxSez: Not me Ray! I always consider “”If you can’t hack the pace stay out of the race”. It’s a forgone conclusion that Sunday is gonnna draw hi-Tempo Ops on the Expert. “Full” IFATC Staffing on Sunday & Holiday weekends at all “3” Exp open field would spread the wealth and reduce backlogs. Just sayin cause it a no brainer. Regards, Max

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