MaxFacts: Inverted Flight, Alaska 261 Crash (VIDEO)+ How to Fly Upside Down!

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Cautionary Tail; MaxSez; The following AvSafety Video of Alaska 261 Strike should give you pause if you chose to attempt “Inverted Flight” in a Trash Hauler”. The Video addressed inverted flight from a safety perspective here in 261’s final minutes. (Kiddies, Fools, IF Malcontents and Millennial Attention Getters should use the Kid’s Server to act the fool with this maneuver in an Airliner) For you Aviators, Wanna learn an inverted flight/stall-spin recovery technique, read the procedural guidance following the video.


Flying upside down (inverted) is ezy peezy in a GA, a stunnter or military aircraft designed to be tossed around. Inverted flight is a simple procedure, a real no brained, but a neat Aerobatic Aeronautical Skills.

A word of caution again hot shots, don’t try it in a Trash Hauler, it only works in animated movies or RW crashes.
Fly a liner inverted on the Kiddy Server if you must. On any other server its considered an “Upset”, an aerobatic stunt. NEVER fly inverted in any IF Aircraft in the vicinity of an Airdrome or Controlled Air Space, it’s considered aerobatics a, “7 day violation”!

HERE’s HOW: Inverted Flight/Spin Recovery is accomplished by ensuring the aircraft is at a safe altitude, clear of other traffic, setup in level stable flight conditions. Pull back smartly on the stick or yoke, the nose of the aircraft will pitched up to approximately 20 degrees nose-high, sequentially initiate a a left/ right aileron roll which will place you in an inverted attitude. During the roll to inverted flight, it is important not to pull violently back the controls. (ie. a loaded roll) to ensure the nose does not get buried below the horizon. A proper entry results in an inverted nose-high attitude of approximately 15 degrees as the stick is gently, yet firmly, pushed forward to establish negative 1-G inverted flight. Reverse the procedure to recover. (Control direction and altitude while inverted utilizing control reversel, Up is Down, right is left etc.) Good Luck! Regards All.



It’s great fun. Especially on final 😁


@BobbyRobert. MaxSez:

Who are you Bobby? A Topic like this indicates a Malcontent, Millinial or Flat Hat . You’re suggesting a recovery on the training/no violation server I hope. Ok, hot shot think your a Fighter Jock… How about posting a fighter escape manuver like a “Spit S” or a Sissors… LOL


It was on Expert

Just kidding, it was solo


@BobbyRobert. MaxSez: LoL… Expert “Unattended”. Got it. Ya can fool some of the people… LOL…

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Well yeah, it’s clearly pre-global IF.

Point being? You can still do it, and expert was around pre global

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