MaxFacts: “ Intersection Departures Good”! Exp ATIS/Ground sez No; “Bad!

MaxSez: “Expedited Departures” via ‘Intersection Departures (ID)” are an excellent Flow Control Procedures during any Operational Period; especially on the Exp at any time. (Heavies excluded)

(The lead controller who authors ATIS and issue the infamous “No Intersection Departures” restriction is behind the times, power curve, professionally questionable and has a managerial blind spot.
“Additionally they fails to adhere to the specific guidance outlined in the IFATC Handbook and AIM” which recommends ID’s.

(A 🔥arrow to those who would respond negatively to this subject//Procedure. Particularly those who consider IDs as Cheating, Jumping the Q on the threshold Taxi line up, to hard during hi-temp OP’s or is a sports pilot/Usual Suspects.

What Say You Pilot Community. A ♥️ Indicates support and implementation of the ID Procedure on EXP forthwith.

G’day MaxSends


I’m going to assume that part of the reason that the ‘No Intersection Departures’ is put in place is that some newer players (who get on Expert) might not know the capability of their aircraft and take off at an intersection too far down thus over-running.

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LucaSezSimply: Intersection departures are often denied when they are really useful and should be allowed for efficiency reasons. Intersection departures should not be considered as “cutting the line” as they actually make everything run smoother and faster.

G’day LucaSendzSimply


Yeah now I get it thanks 😊

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G’day Max, missed your little “hiatus” from topics. Loved having a good read or two in my list every so often.

I mentioned this in my topic from Tuesday here, I fully agree with your statements and observations, and I’ve observed this with more and more controllers recently. Even though it may not be your so-called “realism”, this is a simulator, not real life.

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G’ day Max!
I’m with you! I love to utilize intersection departures whilst controlling when applicable as they aid in clearing up the departure queue. The ability to line up more than one aircraft simultaneously is an amazing tool. We have guidelines such as the ATC manual (which you rightly referenced) that recommend the usage of intersection departures. Feel free to contact an IFATC Supervisor or the controller in question should you have any questions as to why they would not allow them. Hope all is well for you!


Agree on all your points Max!

They are often denied because of the think that many pilots will cut the line of planes waiting at an specific holding point, but unnecessary enabling it makes aircraft to wait on an even longer queque and impossibilities the controller to fit one aircraft instead of another for (for example) speed reasons

There are airports in which the “no intersection departures” may need to be allowed of course but it is rarely found on the Schedule

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@KGJT-9149… MaxSez: 🔥Arrow, Your sympathy for your fellow man is a worthy cause. However, one expect Grade 3 Pilots to enter the so called Expert Realm fully versed in Procedure, The IF learning cycle should be fully completed, Departure Types are in the syllabus in the archive. You can lead a horse to water etc.



I can also say I’ve definitely missed your posts.

I definitely agree! When having aircraft of all shapes and sizes taxi to the same runway when controlling, it is so nice to have people departing from intersections than the same large line, since we can still sequence them to not take off straight away, but still have everyone’s departure expedited that little piece quicker.

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No exceptions. “Thinking” to much about his issue
Is food for the ideal mind. Procedures are well thought out prior to publication. My advise go with the Pro’s they Author the IFATC Handbook & AIM.

Regards, Max.


Completely agree with the topic and agree that there needs to be more knowledge on intersecting departures and using them.

There’s a fine line between intersecting departures having the right intentions and not. Many like to use it as a way to just cut the line for departure and that annoys me. You see average joe pilot in an a380 racing down the taxiway at 35kts trying to beat the CRJ on the parallel taxiway…

He slows down with about 10 aircraft ahead of him waiting to take off, and takes a hard left to hold short of the runway, an “entry” earlier than everyone that is patiently waiting. He’s likely also clogged up the taxiway to where now nobody can move forward and blocks stands/gates from getting into the line

That annoys me. And that’s why i get annoyed by intersecting departures.

On the other hand, it does help get 2 aircraft out earlier than before if they are ready to take off - however i am hard-pressed to do so in lieu of trying to provide service to those that patiently waited first.


@mwe2187… 🔥arrow; I stopped mind reading on IF long ago. I no longer get annoyed by the malcontents and miscreants who foul our Airways. My operational time is to valuable to waste on minor issues under the purview of Controllers & Mod’s. (If yr an IFATC violate them and move on! A return to Parking is a great learning Experience)

G’day, Max

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