MaxFacts: Incomplete Flight Plans & No lights at Night. Ya gotta be Brain Dead!

MaxSez: I’m getting ready to break out the kiddy paddle! Whatsamatta you! Come on People Fly Right or stay in the basement Ruminating.

Flight Plans first. Ok the tutorial is complex on this required procedure. But even Simple Simon can get it right. The Plan Builder in Charts/Map’s in a masterpiece off simplicity. You have two options use a Planner App’s, cut and paste or do a Manual input like I do. I do it manually every time, Short & Long Hauls I select my waypoints, navaids and destinations by EyeBall. Just tap the link. The Plan Corrector at the bottom of the Plan Builder, the triangles, deletes etc. allows corrections ect.

Flight Plans are required IMC/VMC (No comment on this GA Sports Pilot crowd, I know the Truth and will cite the FAA Reg). Important: An acceptable Plan is Complete it has a start Airport and Terminal airport. Your Plan will be viewed by Controllers and Transiting Aircraft. Poor Plan, everyone knows your Simple Simond!

Lights at Knight: Light them up! I just flew a night flight in the Expert across Europe. Unbelievable how many dark IF Iron Clouds passed me by.
Kick the Tire, Light the 🔥, MaxSends


Yes incomplete fpls they frustrate me

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I get it! Today going into Helsinki all is good. Following little drummer boy thru the approach procedures and BAM! Approach closes and everyone goes direct to the threshold. IFBR TRAINING JP fly’s underneath me on approach. No…l I did not report.

But hear this…fly the plane as though you have a purpose. With PAX on board. Flying to a fix. Standard commercial and IFR planning. It’s not hard.

This is the coolest community in all of aviation. Better than the union I was a member of. Let us keep it that way!


@Mitchell_Jones. MaxSez: Perfect commentery and supporting pic’s. This is a COMMENT and not the atypical one liner.
Bravo, Max

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