MaxFacts: IFATC & Same Olde HUB's! But wait, Open Season Next Week, Bravo! “Diversify boys and girls”! (HUB Lists Added)

MaxSez: I must say IFATC has evolved into an extremely effective and proficient Operation in the time I’ve been here! Great credit is owed to the “Air Boss” and his Staff. I salute them and the Controllers one and all!

I was please with the open season announcement for next weeks schedule. Airports, Controllers Choice! Show us what you got;

JFK, LAX, SAN, WaitRow, ect, Same Olde, Same Olde! I can hit them up with my eve’s closed! They’ve been “Rode Hard & Put Away Wet”!

The below link might just assist the “Old Home Guard ” to diversify. Introduce yourselves to some new environment & challenges for both You and Us!

Here’s a link to help in the IFATC Controllers Decision Making Process! Me & Them are watching!

(See Max Addendum Comment for HUB’s list below)

(A 🔥Arrow for a “”SameOlde” selection)


Bumped for the Boy’O’s down under the Southern Cross

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Thanks for the info Max!
Gonna be useful on Sunday when North America is featured :)


Certainly will be, thanks for this Max! :)

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