MaxFacts: IF Global Aircrew Performance Review! (11-12/17)

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MaxSez: Mendacity (2), I spent another week surveying the non-kiddie Servers for Operational Efficiency; I know it’s not my responsibility, I’m old, I get bored and like a “Check Ride” from time to time just for grins and to PO you People. Now on Global, what I observed was; “Shocking”! shocking I say! Here’s a recap of my observations mostly at “B”’s! Grade 4/5 you can run but you can’t hide on Global. I said this all before, Pls Pass the word, Max is watching “You”!

I flew incognito and mostly sat on the tarmac near the threshold and just watched the action at airports with and without ATC Services. I could not believe the number of Grade 4/5’s who just kick the tire, lite the fire and go for it when in uncontrolled airspace or fly without a Flight Plan for sorties out of there home fields. Some aircrew are like Juveniles Delinquents acting out cause Dad’s not watching them sometime. There like a street gang and flock together. All grades, transition into Controlled air space and play tag (catch me) with the Controllers hoping there distracted. Taxiway & Approach races continue and olde Speedo still needs to learn how to judge height and speed inbound. Ask yourself whats left and right in relation to a runway then pass it on to your peers pls.

Like the great unwashed, some so called Experts don’t file Flight Plans, use Markers/Beacons during taxi sometime. Strobe alight on the apron or during taxi, Strobes off while crossing runways, a regular occurrence for some. The races from parking to the threshold are fun to watch. My go at controlled LAX recently told the tail; T&G’s in a Van, made the calls, on touch down a Citation driven by a Grade 5 (un-named) with no plan, no calls or lights landed on top of me on touch down and ran off the runway (ignored by ATC, considered it a personal kamikaze go). Now that’s Mendacity! Or the Grade 3 guy in a little Bus at London City who ran me down on the Taxiway cause apparently I wasn’t going 35. The beat goes on.

Considering the repetitive nature of these Pilot Errors I intend to take them on here one at a time with recommended FDS/IFATC Action. 1st Up, FLIGHT PLANS:

Recommended FDS Implement CORRECTIVE ACTION: New Rule: Grade 3-5; If your flying an Airliner you “SHALL” file an all encompassing IFR Flight Plan to operate with Start/Stop point identified. If your flying GA FAA says you “SHOULD” file a Flight Plan at all times. For IF, GA You SHALL file if your departing your home field pattern or entering/terminating/transitioning cross country within or thru controlled airspace.

“FAILURE TO COMPLY”: I recommend. FDS/IFATC Refuse all Serves to those IFR/VFR aircraft not in compliance". What say the members?

(Authority: FAR Part-91 & Section 901 of the Federal Aviation Act REQUIRES commercial aircraft to file an IFR FLIGHT PlAN in Controller Airspace. FAR Part-99 Recommends GA File a VFR Flight Plans, this part is now in revision, an anticipated rule change will require VFR Flight Plans for GA at all times per Home Land Security recommendations, plus it makes sense)

(Footnote 1, Grade 1/2 take note, Forget the scores, violations and the boogeyman Ghost. Learn to fly the Damm Plane first, then Procedure and Rules of the Road which includes ATC. IF is not a a Game!)

GA all the way! Be Safe & Aviate, Navigate & Communicate like a Pro.

Footnote 2, “Where’s ATIS”


This is hilarious Max 😂 nice disclaimer. I haven’t been on much lately but I’m sure you are right.
Have a good day my friend


This is a good example of why grade doesn’t equal airmanship and discipline.
I couldn’t agree more.


Hmm… My burnt cookies did seem crunchier than usual today. You better not have hidden a camera in them!

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Well said Max!
You’re absolutely right, as soon as ATC goes offline everyone acts like it’s a free-for-all.

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Even controlling you see a lot of the grade 5’s and grade 4’s leaving without flight plans. It’s crazy!! Bunch of noobs with a fancy grade and colour.


Some people like to play a good aviation game every once in a while. Why not gun it in an F22 on the Casual Server and try something ridiculous? 🤷‍♂️

Good point 😂😂😂 but I don’t think that would be good because there will have to be more supervision on the servers so that people don’t get gunned down by an F-18 going 1,000 kts for no reason

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@Marshall_Hilfman. MaxSez: I would’nt be caught te**** up on the casual server, it’s peanut land for the unskilled and kiddies gamers. Have a Peanut, peanut… Regards!

Image compliments of @Arjun_Dayal)

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The point regarding flight plans is 100% true. I can’t believe there’s people on the Expert Server who file a direct to the airport flight plan for a 10 hour flight. Just ridiculous.
And what’s even more ridiculous, pilots on expert filing a single-waypoint FPL, without even putting an airport as final waypoint. Literally, direct to a waypoint. Like honestly.
FDS, please listen to Max. He’s right.

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