MaxFacts: Holiday Air Travel, FYI Worst days!



Anytime is miserable anymore when you fly commercially. Yeah the art of flight is amazing and beautiful but sitting stuck in a tin can full of germs in a cramped airline seat…not so much.

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@Maxmustang out of all of your eloquent posts you couldn’t add a MaxSez personal experience with holiday travel. Come on Devil Dog, spice this topic up. The link is lonely without a back story.



You can always pay extra and fly first class. No cramped seats and some excellent in-flight service.

That may explain why I was able to get a prem economy ticket on BA for so cheap on the 26th of Dec

@Levet… MaxSez: Story Time, I’ll keep that in mind for the future when the time is right;

Here’s a preview and I’ll keep it to commercial air travel (Trash Hauling) as the Pax Trash. Set the stage; I’m a Retired Marine “Mustang Officer” which indicates I served in the Enlisted ranks prior to commissioning. When an infantry Sgt. in the 60’s (pre-RVN) I was ordered to the “Jailers Course” at the Federal Penitentiary at Atlanta (The Big House). That gave me a secondary skill rather than killing people I incarcerated and punish them for a short period (Pre-PC/rocks & shoals).

Now the Forward, Expect VN era “ Marine Con Air” Out of Chicago O’Hare, the .45 hole in the cockpit floor, The Naval Prison Train Trips with liberty call in DC, The prisoner flights on Frontier and parties at their Stew house in Denver, The Escaped Prisoner In Illinois and the Sheriffs posse…

Just a prelude… (Watch the movie “The Last Detail” w/Nicelson)



Lmao yikes I am flying the days around Thanksgiving, a few days before Christmas, and January 2nd. Did it last year and survived though.

Gotta love flying JPATs. I heard it is an interesting job, but a stressful one. As you have a bunch convicts that are potentially violent in the cabin. Yikes.

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