MaxFacts: He who holds the Gold makes the Rulesl

MaxSez: Boeing the barbarians are at the Gate’s. To Horse…


The CEO is playing them at their own game. It’s seriosuly funny though because the US will slow a lot, the airlines in the US can compete if they get their act together rather than continuously moan.

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American, Delta, and United are all in the top 4 airline ranks in terms of passengers carried, so I wouldn’t go as far to say they aren’t able to compete.

Even though those Middle Eastern Carriers are obviously subsidized, it shouldn’t matter considering how little American carriers fly to the Middle East.

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Well that’s what they are claiming. In the ideal world most people would pick Emirates or another Middle East carrier over them anyway. They can’t compete for comfort, service or In flight entertainment. Yes flag carriers will be more successful than an airline with a few flights from across the other side of the world but I personally would pick Qatar or Emirates over Virgin or BA but when the price is lower at BA that’s what I will choose. Different factors affect the reasoning behind using Emirates especially given its useless to fly them unless you want to go to Dubai or a country nearby. You wouldn’t use it to fly to the US as you will need to go to Dubai then head to the US from the U.K. and likewise on the way back you will end up flying over the U.K. then back again. Emirates is pretty successful with their tricky route network with their super hub so it’s to be expected that it’s not one of the large carriers in the US.


MaxSez: This is an “Open Skies”, level playin field issue. Tim Clark is just playing the great game useing Boeing as the goat. US Carriers are just being typical greedy ugly American Protectionists…


Its essentially a circus with a bunch of angry clowns.


Emirates reason to exist will evaporate if they lose access to Open Skies as it will severely curtail their operations.

The reason to ‘hub’ through Dubai will also disappear with the next generation of Long Haul jets. Tim Clark is playing a dangerous game as the waiting list for 777-300 and 777X is long and dumping 150 non manufactured aircraft back into the sales line will not be an issue for Boeing. They are tooling up already and if they don’t sell them to Emirate then there are other airlines waiting to bite their hand off for them.

Edited to add that the US carriers can’t be too high and mighty. But for the protection of chapter 11 most of them wouldn’t be flying in their current guise now anyway.


What I think of this I’ve been thinking about it is they “threaten” to cancel it and Boeing goes rushing to lower the price and throws in mores stuff for them so they won’t cancel the order and voila after that they still have there order which somehow may have multiplied so that Boeing doesn’t lose the biggest customer of the 777x. Just my $0.02 ✌️

Rather then improve to compete with Emirates these airlines want a unfair advantage.

Improve instead of cheating.

Though Emarites does have massive advantages from the UAE so maybe if there cheating it’s only fair.

@Daniel14 MaxSez: just smoke and mirrors Dan. Clark need’s Open Sky’s; market access is there life blood. Route’s will make or brake a major… Boeing has market share they are never over stocked plus they got depth. Just count up there subsidiaries.and satilites Look out if Boeing feels real financial pressure.

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Don’t worry, nobody on the IFC will tell your boss you said that.

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I happen to have stock in Boeing… should I be concerned?

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Don’t think this pressure game would cost Boeing’s financial future any bit…yet. At least for a short while 🛬🤓🛫


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