MaxFacts: “Ground Effect”; Next time you find yourself floating down the runway, go-around Nugget!

MaxSez: Let’s Get Technical! We all land a “Floater” periodically, IF has an Inventory full.
In the hands of the technical aerodynamic nugget cause and effect is learned by repetition not fact base pro knowledge; bolters, bouncers and long landings are routinely caused by overspeeds and the “Ground Effect” phenomena, got it?

High or low winged once you “Round Out” prior to a Flair, even if your on speed, Ground Effect is gonna get you if you have no appreciation for ts effect on every aircraft, rotary, fixed wing, even the good old “ Autogyro”!
Here’s why;



Sometimes I hate ground effect despite doing it as I don’t get to land on the marks…

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Oh, how I remember floating until the touchdown marks on the other runway when I was back on TS. I would do the perfect final, and find myself touching down on the other side of the runway 😂

Now obviously I learnt how to control it, but I would say that this is the biggest killer for bad landings!


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