MaxFacts: Global Flight Planning, Gonna do it for real, Check yr Route!


MaxSez: Gonna Fly Global for real, Check the FAA/EASA/IATA data bases NOTAM’s and Conflict Area Information Bulletins (CAIF) for Permanent and Temporary Flight Restrictions in Troubled Regions in your planning process. Fly for real!.
Just Sayin…Remember “MH-17”!

FootNote: The Map depicted is dated and an example only: Thanks to @IceBlue here’s a currant list of CAIF’s from NATS; Afghanistan, Eqypt, Iraq, Kenya, Libya, Mali, North Korea, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen.


NOTHING is gonna stop stop people from flying over N.K!


@Clouds… MaxSez: Agree, but who cares!


Petition to rename this “Seven busiest airspaces in global TS1”


I second that one…

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I really appreciate that you took the time to inform the community about this Max. I know I have a bit of a reputation of being a bit annoying on this subjects, but I will get a little bit annoyed when people fly above Syria and Iraq on their way from Europe to the Middle East in global.

I will fly to the DPRK, but probably on a Cessna or C-130, no American 787s and stuff like that.

I hope this is looked at by pilots of the expert server at least. I really do.


Remember, aircraft rarely fly over the Tibetan plateau too!


Seems outdated to me Max. Syria not on the list, neither is South Sudan or Yemen. All extremely dangerous

For recent info many countries’ aircraft authorities include NOTAMs or info in AIP on where they advise their operators not to fly.

EDIT: See pages 46-48 of this PDF (WARNING- Very large @ 380 pages) for UK advisories. These go out to parts or the whole of Afghanistan, Eqypt, Iraq, Kenya, Libya, Mali, North Korea, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen.


Read the small note below the picture :)

Yeah I did see that just as I sent, still outdated or misinfoed graphic for me.


@IceBlue. MaxSez: Could have written a book Ice. Meant as a Heads up and introduction to WW Flight Information Publications (FLIP’s) that every conscientious aviator becomes familiar with as they grow in proficiency.

For the Fledgling;The NATS cited by Ice is a fine compilation of restriction and planning data if your “worldly”!. Bottom line, refine your skills, never stop learning. Many resources are available on the Web. Remember GOOGLE is your friend. If you have a long term aviation interest and it’s free pub “The Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge” has the answer or points you in the right direction.f


yep in IF there is no restricted airspace in the world

But there are ways to prevent people from flying there in the expert server.
Things like never opening ATC, disencourage flying there, and at the most extreme TFRs.

I am not sure if the latter, or any of the above, will (or should) be implemented in global, but it would be very much appreciated in my opinion.

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I’m still going to fly over North Korea when global releases, in fact, I’m going to organize an event for a gaint military group flight over N.K. That being said I think N.K. should be in a completely different color for the level of danger flying over it represents.

This is great but won’t stop me from doing Los Angeles to Pyongyang… will be a great view :) even if I die in the process.


Just gotta fly low & fast through these areas. The most fun type of flying in a heavy aircraft :)

But yes I agree, if your’e doing airline ops you’re pax might be a little upset. So I’d keep it real and heed the advice in these pubs lol.

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@Ishan_S. MaxSez: Oh Contrare’. “No IF Restricted Airspace”. Ever Fly to Aspen, Colorado? LOL


No but I want to and probably other people want to🙃

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Fly low and in formation. Go in for the strike on the missile silos in NK. A few F14s should do the trick.

@Ishan_S. MaxSez: so ya wanna go mountain flying to Aspen, Colorado in the Great Rockey Mountains near the Continental Divide. Strap on a A-320 or a similar aircraft like a B-737 BBJ both w/AutoLand and; Select the Denver Region and “KASE”. (Aspin-Pitcairn Regional) for a ride of a life time. Start your flight at Denver International (KDEN). Fly direct from Denver to the GBL Beacon (Red (Top) just north of KASE then the ILS Approach to KASE Rwy 15.
Unlike your dessert home region KASE is nestled 10000+ feet in a valley with a challenging Approach. Try it you’ll like it.