MaxFacts: Ghosting on the rise! OhMy!

MaxSez: I note what appears to be a Quick on the Trigger rise in “I got Ghosted Topics” here daily and the unnecessary repetitive responses to contact the controller by PM by the moderator wanna be’s. Routinely the Ghosted Pilot gripes that he’s been unfairly reported, whines and begs for relief. This type of tacit admission of guilt is indicative of a failure of the Ghosted individual to adhere to the guideline repetitively posted here, clearly defined by Tutorial or just plan newbie ignorance or sloth. This trend is correctible I suggest;

  1. Require Controllers to post an IF addressable PM ID in the ICAO Block of the aerodrome or;
  2. Identify an IFATC Moderator as the clearing house for all Ghost gripes. Relieving the controller of the responsibility. Timeliness of Response not a necessity.
  3. Pin Globally Instructions/guidelines for Ghost Inquires.
  4. Monitor & Close “I was Ghosted Topics” expeditiously. The pile on’s
    are distraction’s, bod eaters and of no value.
    Just Sayin, Max

TL0’s have to actually make the post, but maybe something else can be done about this.

Hiya, Max!

I have a couple comments to make. First, controllers are supposed to have a display name that matches or is similar to their IFC name, to make it easier for members of the IFC to contact them. This should cover your point #1.

As for number 3, we do have this wonderful tutorial by @naro. Whether it should be pinned globally or not is someone else’s decision, but there is indeed a thread on how to go about disputing a ghost.

Thanks again for your input, always appreciated!



Past few topics; the replies have just been repeated on, and on and on… Not actually benefiting the OP’.

Agree with @TaipeiGuru as well here!


@TaipeiGuru… MaxSez: “Supposed To”! In my world my friend Supervisor (Stupidadvisors) “Direct” their charged to adhere to the rules and verbal guidance. Failure to comply is insubordinate. An unacceptable trait for those with a position of trust & Ghosting authority.
Just Sayin, Max

@TaipeiGuru I’ve seen loads of controllers who have usernames I have never seen on IFC. I’ve seen Alex w but I haven’t seen anyone on IFC called Alex w, also I saw someone called NJ, you can’t even search that up, there’s not enough characters. In my opinion, they need to be more strict on display names for IFATC I’ve been ghosted twice by ATC error and they were both reversed, I’m just scared that one day I’ll be ghosted by one of these people


In defense of NJ, his username is @NJ24. You can’t put a period in your display name.


@TimShan05. MaxSez: Right On! Love to see the IFATC Stats; Ghosts issued v reversed…
Just sayin, Max

Yes! I agree with you. There have been way to many posts with people getting ghosted. I also like the name of this topic, MaxFacts.

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@Maxmustang @TimShan05 Excellent points, and something I believe can (and should) be remedied. However, as I’m not a high-ranking member of the organization, I won’t be presumptuous and spread any false information.

We do have the list of IFATC members, but that is incomplete as controllers must give their permission to be put on there, many of which have not. For now, if one sees a display name that does not match anyone on the forum, making a topic or PM’ing a moderator will have to suffice.

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Reporting inquiries are handled via PM. If they cannot find the controller they post a message and most of the time we will close or convert it to a PM. The ones you do see are the ones not unlisted. I wouldn’t say there has been an increase. This tends to happen every week after FNF.

If there is a report complaint, simply flag it and we will take it from there.

We do encourage IFATC members to have a display name that somewhat matches their forum name.

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What does that mean?

We remove it from view.

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Ah I see, thanks!

@Chris_S. “Encourage”! “Somewhat”! Controllers are volunteers ok.
I am to and I am identified properly in my ID Block, my EMail Address is also noted in my bio. Different stroke for different folk? Establishing a fictitious IF User Name is not rocket science.
Just Sayin, Max

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There are two factors which lead to ghosting: pilots not adhering to the rules, and controllers making bad judgement calls. More vigilance and accountability on both sides would go a long way toward reducing reports and improving the user experience.

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@W4RRI0R… MaxSez: So true. But let’s just consider the Ghost criteria. Is a Ghost an ICAO defined “Incident”, Pilot Error, or a Controller judgement call?
Is “Driving on the grass” an incident? Is “Unstable on Approach” and Incident when there’s no option and no escape Pilots Command in the Comm menu… The list goes on… “Judgement” now that a personal trait. The decision if a Ghost is valid is made in “secret session”. In the real world the decision is published as a lesson Learned or a system, procedure or personal error it is distributed as a lesson Learned. I prefer the latter.
Just Sayin, Max

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I already asked a mod for changing my name on the forum but I have to think about a new one because it has to be at least 3 Carreters


After long and hard searching, I managed to find that Alex W is @VVBA6


Thanks for the feedback. We will discuss internally for potential efficiencies available to be had.