MaxFacts: GA/CAT/Work Aircraft Type Aircraft Defined.

MaxSez: The question has been repeatedly asked here and there seems to be some confusion; for the purist amoung us here is the ICAO Definition;

"The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) defines general aviation aircraft (GA) as “an aircraft operation other than a commercial air transport operation or an aerial work operation.” It defines commercial air transport (CAT) as “an aircraft operation involving the transport of passengers, cargo or mail for remuneration or hire”, and aerial work as "an aircraft operation in which an aircraft is used for specialized services such as agriculture, construction, photography, surveying, observation and patrol, search and rescue, aerial advertisement, etc.
(Source: WIKI- GA all the way)


So what if your flying a GA plane but your a commercial license pilot (not an airline pilot) and your a carrying pax is it GA or commercial air operations?

Might depend whether they are paying passengers or not

MaxSez: See FAA Regulation CFR41- Part 91 for GA Guidance, Part 191 for Commercial Application, Note: for a remuneration/hire you must abide by Part191) Google is yr friend.
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Well, I don’t think you can cite the ICAO and then reference someone to an FAA regulation…


Well, I say this because you have one regulation that regulates one portion of the globe and the other another portion of the globe… so if I’m going off one reg, I would only answer based off that reg, not off two different regs… kinda like landing clearances in the U.K. verse the U.S.

@THE-OP… IF presently operates utilizing FAA Regs. Let’s watch for the drama when Global is introduced. It’s gonna be a hoot! Regards, Max

I note the context problem, ICAO & FAA guidance are basically similar. I be PC next time Captain)


Ik what the ref says It was a hypothetical question.

A Part 91 operator has regulations defined by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for operations of small non-commercial aircraft within the United States (although, many other countries defer to these rules as well). These regulations set conditions which the aircraft may operate, such as weather.Feb 13, 2017 (Google). Google is your friend give it a try, just ask it a question, Trust the Forum but varify. Max

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Idk what this classifies by but what if your flying a GA aircraft (let’s say a Skyhawk) but you are doing aerial work? (Such as flying around with a banner) Is it a GAWA (General Aviation Work Aircraft)

Information I know but thanks for the reminder. I go to school fo this and studying the FAR/AIM

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Ask Google Pls. I’m tired of doing the basic research. Suggest you get a copy of the " Pilots Handook of Aeronautical Knowledge" its free at Regards, Max


The PHAK is a great book of knowledge also the FAR/AIM


There’s even a free IOS app on the AppStore! How 'bout that

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Air work had in maneuvers or has in like photo taking

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depends, i can hire a commercial pilot for hire which means pay him too fly me someplace or i can be a paying pax on a jetliner


For someone with experience you sure sound like a millennial, the magic of the forum also lies within us sharing information. Not just “Google it, YouTube it.” As I’m sure the IFC discovered YouTube years ago they know

You make great posts, but seems like you hate answering questions about your posts. Maybe add more details or FAQ?
Why make a post just to snub people by telling them to Google it?

@N1DG I liked your hypothetical

Thanks for the opinion @Gavrilo. See my PM… Max

Thanks I’m glad you like my hypothetical.

Made me think and research it me self. Great little brain teaser.