MaxFacts: Flight Plans! IF Pilots v IF Gamers,

MaxSez ( Infatically): IF “Pilots” (Grade 3/5) file complete Flight Plans which include Start/Stop ICAO and a few or more guidence fixes or VOR’s,+ Stop ICAO. That’s an absolute fact. IF Gammers (Grade 2/5) Don’t file or use a single destination for Long Hauls & don’t include ICAO Start Points. Check it out. Seperate the wheat from the chaff ! G’day All


How in the world do you do a long haul without making a complete flight plan? Stay up all night and stare at their computer screen manually adjusting heading like pre-global days? ;)

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Is this the 10th topic or the 11th topic about filing a flight plan?

In all seriousness though, it’s better to file a flight plan than to not!
Oh, and your title has an error, it says MacFacts instead of MaxFacts.

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Haha… I think the main difference between an IF gamer and an IF pilot though is that an IF gamer will set a flight plan, but do a flight like EGCC-EIDW, and once they touchdown, they think that they gave just done some mega long haul flight.

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Max, there’s an imposter in da house! Who is this MacFacts fella?