MaxFacts: Driving a Fighter in not a piece of cake! Crashes, watch! (Video)

MaxSez: Ask an Aerobatic Team member about crashes and ballistic flight!


The thumbnail looks a little clickbaity… (sorry for the mass chaos and confusion)

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“Clickbaity”, does not compute in my brain housing group. Please interpret/clarify for us Non-New Yorkers of a certain age? Thanks, Max


I have to say that I disagree with the statement that this is clickbait. Sharing in aviation and IF is why we’re here.


Clickbait is a mis informing or provocative title to get people to click on it to generate ad revenue for the owner, with little actual content. E.G “25 SHOCKING ways banks deceive you” that rewords and repeats the same points to gain clicks and therefore money


Nothing beats this one! This pilot is very lucky! Also, note the irony in the music playing before the crash.

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I agree on that…but I think he means that the thumbnail can be interpretated as clickbait. Correct me if I am wrong

Ah I see what you mean. Like those photoshopped youtube thumbnails that show 747’s crashing into the Superbowl field.


Exactly…I see many of thos in youtube. Just disgusting. There are also clickbait titles for example “I killed my gf!!!” and then nothing happens lol


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