MaxFacts: CrossWind Control: It’s the “Ailerons” & the Rudder Nugget; ( AKA-FNG!)

MaxSez: Almost Every Cross-Wind Landing/Takeoff Tutorial, Topic and Comment I’ve read here champions the use of the “Rudder” alone to compensate for Taxi, Takeoff & Landing alignment drift caused by environmental conditions like cross & quartering winds.

In point of fact the control surface that has the greatest impact on correcting lateral drift in flight or on the ground during taxi are the “Ailerons”.

“Cross Control” Rudder/ Ailerons Procedure not “Coordinated Control” during Cross Wind operations in flight or on the ground must be employed when Cross/Quartering winds are encountered in flight or on the ground particularly in the Landing/Takeoff sequence.

The “Boldmethod” Procedure in the link below lays out the correct Rudder/Ailerons CrossControl Procedure for you.
Follow the guidance here and you to can master the; Spit, XCub & 172 and those big fat buggers in windy IMC & VMC.

G’day Max


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