MaxFacts: Cross Wind Procedures; It takes Ailerons & Rudder Stupid!

MaxSez: Here’s Boldmethod reinforcing my Mantra! Control Services have a purpose! Don’t put much stock in the commentator here who pushes the use of the “Rudder Only” for Departure and Recovery in any condition. Coordination of Control Surfaces at all time in flight is a MUST!

Here’s the Aviator Procedure, Fly like a Pro;



When you realize that you made wrong 3 out of 5 things mentioned above during the last crosswind landingdamn
Very useful stuff, thanks!

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This is quite useful stuff indeed. If you don’t mind me asking, is instrument flying part of your “mantra”? Perhaps you could do MaxFacts on instrument flying, that would be pretty cool.

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@TOGA… Ok on “ Under the Hood” when Wx is re- introduced. Will address using NavAids etc. soonest.
Regards, Max


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