MaxFacts: Just Died!

MaxSez; Toughlove is the key! the Mod’s hold sway to the Keys of this Kingdom. Just Turn the key, when you have them by the short hairs there hearts and minds will follow!

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It is sad to see this closed. I see a true disappoint, as people are ruining other people’s day and excitement. People visit that thread to be happy and talk about the exciting new teasers Infinite Flight posts. In addition, I feel like people who complain or argue about 20.1, have nothing better to do or are not appreciated of the update or dev’s.

I apologize in advance if I was breaking the rules.

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If those who are making things worse are the ones “mini-modding” and nothing is being done, its likely due to the fact that we’re not getting flags on them. If we get flags for those individuals, we can then step in and tell them to chill and allow us to moderate.

I’m not saying you guys need to self moderate, but at the same time, folks need to know what they’re saying and think before hitting “reply”. Often, people come on here thinking this is a chatroom. Most conversations there can be taken to private message.

Yes, that thread can be quite the handful to moderate. It can be a lot to go through posts and whatnot. Its’ easier for us to sift through flags than it is to let those who disrupt the topic for you guys go unchecked.

@David_Beckett If you could please not. Trying to have a serious convo here. Thanks


It would be better closed. And just wait untill the update.


What’s the fun in that? People just need to learn to stay on topic, and flag when needed. It’s not that hard

@DeerCrusher… Just review the Development Thread comments. A list of the “Usual Suspects” can easily be developedl
Some of those “”Regulars” are agitators and instigators they should be monitored more closely. Their mini-mod attitude can sure get attention.
Just Sayin, Max


My apologies, I’ve been watching Hells Kitchen episodes lately.

Seriously though, the thread is madness. Despite the best efforts of the moderators these types of threads don’t have a good track record. Mini modding, arguing, endless off topic posts and unfounded rumours/speculation.

No matter what ideas people come up with, I’m sure it will need to be closed at some point down the line because people just dont get it. Keeping it open is just delaying the inevitable.


Noted. I try to keep out of there, but I’ll try to be more conscious about letting you guys know. I just feel like many, well many may be an exaggeration but a fair few, of the discussions that I see getting called out are about the 777 and som detail about the landing gear, or switch in the cockpit. If that thread is not for discussing the 777, and all things development process then what is it for if that makes any sense? I feel like especially any discussion that lasts mire than 5-10 posts is in many cases told to move to PM, even if it is close to if not on topic. Maybe I just happen to drop in at the threads worst times, but I feel like the box is in some ways too small which is creating lots of excess replies trying to keep people who are at most making a dent in the edge of the box in that box. I hope that makes sense, and I’m certainly not advocating for no rules or anything, it just seems like we have it there for discussion about all things 777 update, and now more broadly 20.1, but the box is very narrow, I have seen replies asking about beta testing things, or small few message conversations about a small detail on the real aircraft get called out for off topic, and again maybe I’m just seeing the worst of it. I hope that makes sense and I clearly conveyed my point.

Can we agree to take this topic behind the barn, help us out and I’ll go through the thread to look for some folks who need an eye to be kept on? Just takes a simple PM to that user as you come across them to simply remind them in a friendly manner.

I don’t want to be dreaming about this tonight when I go to bed. 😁


Darn, I’ve been sitting here all this time just to make this comment when it seemed like you were going to close it, but you stole my thunder… 🌩


I’m letting Max get the final word in before she’s closed. I hear the fingers tapping away at the letters on the keyboard. 🙂


A Stimulating discussion. The heart & soul of the
The Guild has spoken! Tomorrow, is not just another day! It a new beginning. May the Brooms Sweep the Leaving into the Dust Bin of IF’s Gahanna! OO35 here in SWF,


Night Max. Thanks for the lovely topic.